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The Effects of Gender on Sentencing Decisions
Words • 2696
Pages • 10
Sentencing disparities between different groups in the criminal justice system are becoming more prominent, thus leading to more research on the differences in judicial sentencing. Both legal and extralegal factors have an effect on sentencing decisions. Factors such as the severity of the offense, details of the crime, prior convictions, bargaining, pleas, and sentencing guidelines are considered legal factors that impact case decisions Judges must consider all legal factors before handing down a sentence (Reitler, Sullivan & Frank 2013). Extralegal…...
The Role of Discretion in The Criminal Justice System
Words • 1321
Pages • 5
Discretion is played throughout the sentencing and punishment of offenders. Discretion refers to having the authority or right to determine or act according to one's own judgement. Many factors influence the role discretion plays or alternatively doesn’t play in the sentencing and punishment of offenders. This includes statutory guidelines, mandatory sentencing, aggravating and mitigating circumstances and the use of victim impact statements. In terms of Statutory guidelines a number of acts inform the exercise of Judicial discretion. Furthermore , The…...
Criminal JusticeDiscretionJusticeMandatory SentencingSocial Issues
Police Discretion
Words • 2654
Pages • 10
Police Discretion Should Be Enhanced Police discretion can be defined as can be examined in many ways. A police officer’s belief system consists of his or her beliefs, attitudes, values, and other subjective outlooks. Regardless of any factors, there is always room for improvement and police officer’s discretion should be enhanced. All police officer’s use discretion in every situation they encounter. Officers realize they are constantly in the public eye and every move they make is watched by someone.Now with…...
Criminal JusticeDiscretionJusticePolice
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The Fine Line between Police Discretion and Corruption
Words • 1292
Pages • 5
In today’s law enforcement agencies there is a fine line between discretion and corruption. Imagine that you are a police officer, you pull over a car that you suspect is driven by someone who has had too much to drink. Upon reaching the window you find that it’s an old friend from school. Do you take him to jail or do you take him home? Police officers have the power to make this decision. In the world of the officer…...
CorruptionDiscretionJusticePolicePolice CorruptionSocial Issues
Can the Exercise of Police Discretion Be Reformed or Controlled
Words • 477
Pages • 2
The use of force by police in the discharge of their duties can both be reformed and controlled without compromising the capacity of the police to maintain public safety and enforce the law. Violence in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. Violence is most typically an outgrowth of conflict when peaceful dispute mechanisms fail. The use of force by police frequently occurs in situations that are characterized by violence prior to the arrival of police. Crime, particularly violent crime,…...
DiscretionExerciseJusticePoliceSocial Issues
NASA Roles and Organizational Structure
Words • 875
Pages • 4
What factors in NASA's culture contributed to the Challenger and Columbia shuttle disasters? The failure in the decision-making process (one dominant decision with ignoring to others) since there were voices speaking against the launch because of worries about the O-ring problem. However, there were pressures to launch and a certainty of its success. They worked as they would never fail since the success of a mission should take precedence over cost and deadlines, which is incorrect in the space program…...
CommunicationCultureDiscretionOrganizational StructureReasonRisk
Millennials estimated that by about 21 percent discretionary
Words • 2012
Pages • 8
Millennials estimated that by about 21 percent discretionary consumer product and the greatest impact delivered by the millennials on the retail industry is their influence on an earlier generation. Millennials use technology to kill their time, they spend a lot of time searching for the product that they want or interested in. millennials make a final decision after they look in the reviews, feedback, and best price, (Rutherford, 2014).The person that born between 1977 and 2000 are called millennials and…...
BusinessDiscretionOnline shopping
discretion and does not operate on the basis of abstract considerations such
Words • 1080
Pages • 4
discretion and does not operate on the basis of abstract considerations such as good faith and bona fides, but rather on the basis of established legal rules . Authors suggest that the judgment in the Afrox case was erroneous due to the courts utter disregard for the inequalities and obvious unequal bargaining power between the contracting parties. I am of the opinion that this case called for the greatest scrutiny of public policy, boni mores, fairness, equality and good faith…...
Hamlet: Act 3- Figurative Language
Words • 328
Pages • 2
"Seeing unseen" Oxymoron "Tis too true" Alliteration "To be or not to be" Parallel structure "To die-to sleep" Parallel structure "Despised love" Oxymoron "Well, well, well" Repetition "Be thou chaste as ice, as pure as snow" Simile "You jig, you amble and you lisp" Parallel structure "-all but one-shall live" Foreshadow "Reason, like sweet bells jangled" Simile/onomatopoeia "O, woe is me" Metaphor "And I do doubt the hatch and the disclose" Alliteration/parallel structure "It out-herods Herod" Biblical allusion "Let your…...
Increase in discretionary time
Words • 406
Pages • 2
Teleshopping offers the possibility of increasing discretionary time by eliminating travel time for traditional shopping trips, and by speeding routine purchases. Intelligent agents, or pieces of software that search computer networks, will reduce our need to comparison shop to obtain the best price. Using intelligent agents to automate routine shopping for groceries and staple goods may give households more time for other activities. (Kare-Silver, 1998) Increases in leisure activities may have far-reaching social and environmental effects. Previously mentioned reductions in…...
DiscretionOnline shoppingShoppingTime
Suburb vs. City Living
Words • 397
Pages • 2
People have different preferences in their lifestyle. Some choose to live in the suburbs, while others would rather live in the city. Their choices may be due to a number of reasons, some of which are usually personal. Living in the suburbs or in the city is upon the discretion of the individual.             Suburb living has always been accounted for as better living. According to the Real Estate website (2008), bigger and reasonably-priced houses are up for grabs in…...
Judicial discretion
Words • 3765
Pages • 14
“With regards to evidence obtained by entrapment and undercover operations, critically discuss the relationship between judicial discretion and the power to stay proceedings as an abuse of power” This essay will critically examine entrapment in the light of judicial discretion and the courts power to stay proceedings. It shall also critically discuss the relationship between the two. The increasing use of entrapment within criminal law may be viewed as part of a global trend in investigations ranging from coercion to…...
The role discretion plays in the sentencing
Words • 1156
Pages • 5
Assess the role discretion plays in the sentencing and punishment of offenders. Sentencing and punishment has actively involved the discretion of judges and magistrates in affecting the decision of the sentencing. Discretion involves the power of Judges and magistrates to determine the most appropriate sentence for a case. Allowing judicial officers to decide sentences on a case by case basis and thus permitting them to take into account the various circumstances. Many factors influence the role discretion plays or alternatively…...
CrimeDiscretionMandatory SentencingPlaysSocial Issues
Court Report
Words • 1501
Pages • 6
The basic division in the structure of criminal courts is between the lower criminal courts – the local courts, Children’s court and Coroner’s court – and the higher criminal courts – the District Court and the Supreme Court. In observing proceedings at the Local, District and Supreme Courts over a period of three days a number of aspects of the criminal justice system were made apparent. The administration, processes and practices of the criminal trial are extremely varied dependent upon…...
Social Determinants of Health
Words • 3019
Pages • 11
Health status improves at each step up the income and social hierarchy. High income determines living conditions such as safe housing and ability to buy sufficient good food. The healthiest populations are those in societies which are prosperous and have an equitable distribution of wealth. Why are higher income and social status associated with better health? If it were just a matter of the poorest and lowest status groups having poor health, the explanation could be things like poor living…...
DiscretionHealthSocial Determinants Of Health
State v. Stark
Words • 849
Pages • 4
Posture: Stark appealed upon conclusion of a criminal jury and bench trial to Washington Appellate court from in which he was found guilty of three counts of second-degree assault as a result of exposing three female partners to HIV virus on over 6 occasions where he used a condom some of the time and after vaginal intercourse ejaculated outside the vagina on one of his victims. Upon conclusion of jury trial Stark was overly sentenced for one count of second-degree…...
Ethics, Discretion and Professionalism in Policing
Words • 4054
Pages • 15
Abstract: This paper is going to cover the unlawful habits that resulted in damaging discretionary acts that had actually taken location in numerous various authorities departments; from the huge cities of Los Angeles and Chicago to the small department of East Moline. This will cover, in information, how these officers went down the wrong course to self-destruct their own departments. "Authorities discretion describes the authority given to a law enforcement officer that permits him to choose how best to handle…...
DiscretionEthicsPolice CorruptionProfessionalism
Police service
Words • 715
Pages • 3
What do you think the key role of the police service is and what skills do you bring to the service to execute that role? The key role of the police is to prevent criminal activity to occur in society. This is demonstrated through the use of detecting criminal behaviour, investigating crime and stopping individuals or groups that create a threat to others. Police enforce the law to provide safety and a sense of security. The key role of the…...
Overview of accounting analysis
Words • 1513
Pages • 6
1. A finance student states, “I don’t understand why anyone pays any attention  to accounting earnings numbers, given that a ‘clean’ number like cash from operations is readily available.” Do you agree? Why or why not? I disagree with the finance student, because net income forecasts future cash flow and is informative. a. Net income forecasts future cash flow better than current cash flow, and does so by recording transactions associated with cash consequences when the transactions occur, rather than…...
AccountingCash FlowDiscretion
Behavior of Police Officer
Words • 1455
Pages • 6
A student ride-along allows the student to observe the use of discretion and techniques that are used by the police officers who patrol our communities. Many people falsely believe that policing is what they see portrayed in the media. We never realize that there is much more to police work then what we consider entertaining or even amusing. By watching a patrol officer in the field, I was able to gain valuable insights into questions concerning why police officers stop…...
BehaviorDiscretionPolice Officer
Racial Disparity in Criminal Justice System
Words • 3243
Pages • 12
Introduction Twenty-five percent of the world's prison population, 2.5 million people, are held in American penal institutions. (ACLU, 2008). Sixty percent of those incarcerated are racial and ethnic minorities. These figures mean that 2.3% of all African Americans are incarcerated. The percentage of whites admitted to prison is 0.4% of whites and Hispanics, 0.7%. (Associated Press, 2007; Bonczar, 2003; Mauer & King, 2007; ACLU, 2008; Bridges & Sheen, 1998;). One of the primary contributors to this gross disproportion of incarceration…...
Criminal JusticeCriminal Justice SystemDiscretionMass Incarceration
Police Culture and Its Influence to Their Behavior
Words • 1863
Pages • 7
Introduction In today's American society in policing are a set of fundamentals that assists set the law and keep everything in order or at least try too. We will be discussing the authorities culture and the significance tension in policing. In addition, we will likewise examine the culture for ladies and the ethnic minorities. Also, on how they can achieve equality in police for females. Furthermore, we will be going more in depth with internal and external mechanism that manage…...
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