Digital Era and Brand Policing

Doing business today for many organizations been eased by the introduction of the internet. The internet has however become both a case and a blessing since the proliferation of the information online has been a challenge in the protection of the corporate brand. Many organizations have realized that monitoring and protecting brand use is becoming an increasingly challenging with the increase in internet use. Spoofing sites, misleading photos and phishing among many other ways in which brand and copyrighted documents are being misused.

This has been worsening by the recent amendments in the laws of the United State to allow journalist use copyrighted material without permission (Gottschalk, 2009). Protection of the brand online remains an important thing in today’s business environment that is constantly becoming competitive. Organizations cannot therefore overlook the use of brand online as it could result in the loss of revenue through spoofing and counterfeiting (Richard, 2007). The customer trust has been lost due to loss of reputation.

The firms can loss the right to the brand if it does not prove its diligence in protecting it.

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For this reason, many companies are obliged to tackle these foreseeable threats to their customers. Due to this growing need, policing of brand to not only address these obvious threats like phishing attacks and internet fraud but tackle the widespread unauthorized use of logos is inevitable. This is because such threats have resulted in the loss of brands by companies resulting in the loss of revenue.

Companies like BD-Brand Protect are therefore necessary to deal with such issues.

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The companies will adequately carry on the task as it involves use of resources most of which go beyond the scope of most companies due to the complexities of the online world (Richard, 2007). BD-Brand Protect for instance a leader in dealing with online threats empowers firms to gain and maintain control of their reputation online. The company helps organizations detect and deal with online threats that are aimed at brands.

It does this by filtering, reporting and acting on them appropriately. In so doing, BD- Brand protect has managed to efficiently and effectively to track online threats hence saving the various organizations’ brands from infraction. In today’s competitive global business environment, the value of the brand is very important than many people can imagine. Beside the common recognition and goodwill factor, a brand remains a highly valued asset in the corporate world. Brands affect and influence the way customers choose their products and services (Lash & Lury2007).

Highly valued brands tend to gain preference among consumers hence the need for the owners of such brands and trademarks to protect them from Phishes to illegally benefit from it. Brands take up a significant percentage of the total value of the enterprise. According to the study conducted by Brand Finance 250, Google’s brand is rated the highest of among the internet brands valuing at more than $ 24 million while Coca-Cola’s is the world most valuable brand. The brands have played a vital role in the success of their business (Lash & Lury2007).

In conclusion, companies like the BD-Brand Protect should exist to provide appropriate online brand protection against these online threats that have threaten to compromise the brand reputations of organizations. The threats are real and organizations stand to lose measurable financial costs if they are eliminated. Companies should therefore partner with these online security companies to protect their customers’ experiences and revenue streams and the brand equity (Mooney, 2008).

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Digital Era and Brand Policing
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