Differences between massachusetts and virginia 1607 and 1750 Essay

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Differences between massachusetts and virginia 1607 and 1750

Both the economics and politics greatly differed between Massachusetts and Virginia between 1607 and 1750. The differences in the percentage of classes were unbelievably large and their entire economic structure differed from each other. Virginia had more risky culture and economics where-as Massachusetts had a more stable economy. The economy of Virginia was based solely on the production of tobacco. The plantation owners had to buy slaves to work the fields so the slave trade industry in Virginia was also a huge factor. The plantation owners were in the very rich, elite category and pretty much ran the politics. Virginia had a ridiculously small middle class and they barely had any say in the elections.

The poor classes of Virginia were about 80%of the population and were not even allowed to vote. This made the state/colony of Virginia a very un-democratic and un-representative. There was very little cash flow in Virginia because the elite plantation owners flaunted their wealth as a display of power. This was necessary because this display of power kept the slaves and poor people of the community from revolting. The economy of Virginia was very fragile and brittle. All it would have taken was one drought or one bad tobacco year and Virginia would have been severely hurt economically.

The Northern colonies, especially Massachusetts, were much more stable. There was a larger middle class of 65% and there was much more representation in politics in Massachusetts. The economy was much more stable because it didn’t only rely on one form of income. Because there were many harbors in Massachusetts there were more towns which led to the need of new professions. There included Blacksmiths, Clothing makers, Merchants, and sailors. There was also much more cash flow in Massachusetts because there was no need to flaunt wealth and a much larger middle class. Another reason for the greater amounts of cash flow was that the people that lived in Massachusetts were mostly Puritan.

The Puritans believed that you should not show your wealth because it was temptation and temptation was a sin. The Puritans were extremely hard-working and that is one of the main reasons the Northern colonies were so successful. The Northern colonies and the Southern colonies differed in many ways but both succeeded in the long run. They may have had different views and completely different economies but both sides will play their own part in the revolution and eventually become one
country. The Untied States of America.

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