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Development training

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (660 words)
Categories: Development, Train
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It has been noted that one of the most imperative tasks in a company is to have a very organized system wherein every little facet of company to proliferate is at hand and should be followed accordingly. Human resources and business strategy would be a great tandem in achieving the company’s aspiration. It is necessary to have strict guidelines as to what specific target with regard to its workforce should be taken into account to fully utilize the operational arena hence, training and development was considered the primary element of establishing an efficient organization.

In the article of Alexander Gordon on the Importance of Employee Development, he stated that “Employee development is crucial for the growth and prosperity of any business as employees are one of the determining factors for the success of the company. The more capable and qualified the employees, the better the performance of the company. When they are well trained, they can easily handle situations, please customers ensuring customer retention as well as resolve any glitches easily without much ado” (Gordon, 2006).

Administrative rules and procedures should be on top priority to be productive and efficient. Those who rule the company should ensure that there were existing human resources productively designed for the structure of the company’s employees, thus this was believed to be the primary element in making the human resources a valuable one. Practically, there were major issues at hand that the companies face with regard to employee benefits. It is good to make a note of the company’s promises whenever we are still in the procedure of recruitment.

But it is another instance if they miss the opportunity that they assure its employee. Loopholes in the manipulation of employee benefits such as the system of recruitment – internally and externally; the lack of training for an individual to fully grasp the norm of his work; lack of corresponding reparation depending to the type of work an employee has since most often than not, they are doing beyond their specific work; and performance appraisal. These were considered the most important issues that the company faces and also the one they have to take action.

One of the highlights of Gordon’s article is the training program for employees, he says that “Training programs are essential and companies provide either initial training to help the employee learn about how to perform their duties or ongoing training where employees meet regularly to discuss how to improve work performance” (Gordon, 2006). It is imperative also to maintain the self-worth of an employee and in doing so, training is important to augment the air of eagerness of an employee. It is good to continuously have an understanding to what they are doing and at the same time they became innovative with their craft.

Working is all about maintaining and improving a certain work. With this, it is the role of the company to assist its workforce and provide them with proper tool that will supplement their knowledge. In actuality, the responsibility lies in both parties, they have to go hand in hand in providing what is expected to expand the horizon of their company. The essentiality of training per se lies on the fact that it will save the company’s reputation and clients would easily get attracted to the services that the association is providing.

On a practical angle, to have a great set of employees’ results to augment the status of the company, and this is what everyone longs for, “good training programs will greatly diminish the need for hiring specialist to perform certain tasks, improve work efficiency as well as help our employees know the latest techniques to adopt and help better the company” (Gordon, 2006). Indeed, the priority to uplift the position of the company should always be on top list and as Gordon says “employee development training has to be regularly scrutinized; goals have to be set and achieved within a certain period of time”.

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