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Develop Good Study Habits

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (685 words)
Categories: Business, Education, Habit, High school, Learning, Management, School, Science, Time
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During the past few years, students who maintain good study habits are becoming fewer and fewer. Social activities become more important than staying at home and study. Believe me; developing good habits these days are hard. With all the cool new stuff around, who wouldn’t want to skip studying and go explore this stuff? You may have had the habit of “play first before pay” Students these days consider studying as hassle, even though we’ve been lectured on how education is important to us.

You may have realized that it’s time to develop good study habits. It’s never too late to develop good study habits, unless of course, you’re not studying anymore. Development takes time, especially when you’re trying to replace an old habit with a new one, as it turns out, developing good study habits from your former ineffective study habits will be considered as a rehab.

When developing good study habits, you have to set time for everything. Plan a daily schedule. With all the activities you need to do such as assignments and projects, you can’t just remember them. Writing them down, and planning when to do it will be the most effective way to remember things. Even though you have a skill in remembering all those things, doing them in all one shot will only bring mediocre results. Also, taking notes in class is important, but we must always take notes with readable font because if you can’t read your notes, it’s pretty much useless. Notes are important; it helps you survive surprise tests, even not so surprising ones. If you’re going to develop good study habits, you should make it a habit of organizing your notes, and flipping over them every once in a while. Another effective thing to do with your notes, is to color code them. You can code them for each subject for example.

Also, keep in mind to have a place for them. Making a schedule also helps in students’ main problem – procrastination. Procrastination has been the biggest problem of high school students nowadays. A project will be given a month before, but we do it the week before the deadline which only causes a very stressful week. Just as I have said, you should make it a habit of planning your activities that way you know when to do things. Yes, school is very stressful. But with good study habits, you can survive. Although some habits might affect your health, a very common one is staying up late. Balance is the key to everything. A sufficient amount of rest should equal to a sufficient amount of studying. If one side overtakes the other, it would only result to disaster. Too much studying is just as bad as too much playing. We also need to mind our bodies. Our bodies are the Holy Spirit’s temple. Thus, we must take care of it, and avoid abusing it.

High school students consider their high school life as stressful. The fact is, it’s not really that stressful. We only lack the consciousness of balancing our time. Time is everything. It passes by, and it’s gone. Every second that passes is God’s gift so we should use it wisely. Developing good study habits not only gives you excellent grades, but it also helps with stress management. With the habit of carefully planning your activities, you’ll be able to organize your thoughts every time.

I. What are good study habits
A. Fewer people maintain them during the past years
B. It takes time to develop
II. How do we develop good study habits
A. You should make a daily schedule
a. You should write down your activities
b. You should give time for everything
B. You should organize your notes
a. You should color code the notes
b. You should have a place for them
C. You need to conquer procrastination
D. You need to take care of yourself
III. Why do we need to develop good study habits
A. It helps with stress management
B. It organizes your thoughts
C. It will yield to satisfying outcome – excellent grades.

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