Detailed explanation of how other businesses support the retail sector P2

There are several services that assist in the retail sector to keep business going and running efficiently and without these services it would be very tough if not difficult to get an organisation off the ground or even keep one running. Opening a sports store in Manchester

To start with we require a place for all the cash to go so that we can track inbound and outgoing money so we require a company account with a bank.

A bank is a business that supplies a location for you to hold your cash safely and also providing a method to track and handle your money and accounts making it much easier for you to handle your taxes sales and expenses and having an account you need someone to manage these for you so you would need an accounting professional there are businesses that can offer you with an accounting professional or accountants that will work for you they manage your accounts balancing your sales, expenditures and your taxes offering you more time to work on other locations of the service.

A great deal of organisation is now done on computer systems or if it's a store on tills so this requires a location for you to get your computers, tills or other hardware required to run the store being a sports shop we will be utilizing tills for the sales of items, computers for handling accounts and emailing, printers for making bank notes, receipts and bills and telephones for making calls to make sales and orders so we will need a telephone company to offer us with a phone line and an account with them for phone usage, a web provider to provide us an internet connection so that we can send emails, examine accounts online, make a site to promote and even offer our goods on which will require a web designer who will make the website and handle it for us.

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We also need electronic devices shops that could offer us the computers, telephones and printers.

Tills are a specialist item to buy so you will need to find a company that will provide and perform the necessary upkeep on them and we also need I.T specialists who can provide us with the software and management of the software for the tills and computers. We also need to find a supplier to provide us with the sportswear and sporting goods for us to sell a supplier is a company that usually make the goods themselves or buy it from the manufacturers and sell everything in bulk for a cheap price and then you sell the goods on for a profit, so they are two more businesses that can help us manufacturers and suppliers without these businesses we would struggle to get the goods we need to sell.

Then we need logistics companies to transport these goods to us and even from us to the customers, we might also need a place to store our goods so we will need warehousing and possibly security services to make it safe to store the goods so you might look into security companies/businesses that will manage the shops and warehouses.

We also have accidents at work in stores and possible needs for legal action so we could do with lawyers/solicitors so finding a law firm that can help is also a good thing to be aware of. When you have problems with the buildings that you are using for your business activities you will need trades people to fix any issues you may be having i.e. Say your plumbing is leaking or toilet facilities or malfunctioning you will need to find a plumber to come and fix the problems you are having, if you need lighting or sockets or general electrical work doing you will need an electrician, if you are building a new building you will need architects, brick layers, window fitters, roofers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, landscapers and possibly more to make your new building.

If you want to expand your business and help it grow but you haven’t got the money for it straight away you might consider looking for investors who will give you the money upfront for your business venture for a percentage of the company profits. We also have accidents and tragedies that happen and could cause problems or losses within a company and for these times you can also get insurance from an insurance company who will help you and even pay for any issues that need to be fixed and solved.

So to sum it all up there are many businesses that we need to make a business and to keep a business running and without these different businesses there would be no retail and no business.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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