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In my project I am using three tables

Calculate Date Due Back  Scroll through on the stock table to the desired item  The hire table displays all of that item and status etc  Change the status from available to on loan (L), select customer ID from the lookup and enter Date out  Click Calculate Date Due Back button to calculate date due back… View Article

Feasibility Study

Technical Feasibility: It is technically possible to design a script remarking system because computers can be used to sort, search and update data input using a database management system such as Microsoft Access. The current hardware of the United Kingdom Awarding Body is sufficient, as all they will need to run the system is a… View Article

Database Design

There are four main entries for this database, they are; Patients, Admission, Equipment Definition of data requirement Patient Table This is the Patient table; it stores all the information on each of the patients, like their address and contact details. Attribute Name Comments Data Type & Length Validation Patient ID Title Forename Address Town County… View Article

Uses For Polymers – my bullet proof vest design

Greetings. My name is Paulos Zerezghi and I have now invented a feature which may change the world. I have been inspired to create this due to all the wars and crimes in our world today. My creation is Full Bullet-Proof Clothing. I have combined casual clothing which may be also used for the military…. View Article

Integrated design

The mower in production has a problem which can be solved in multiple ways. The problem is not due to the design inefficiency but due to the diversity of target consumers (the consumers range from owners of flats to owners of four bedroom houses). It is about the length of the flex lead. The problem… View Article

Instructural planning and design

It is highly recognized by people that strong educational background and good educational status juxtaposed with a strong conviction to reach a goal could alleviate a person’s status in life. I believe that teachers share the burden of the parents for encouraging children to learn. It is highly regarded that teachers are the next person… View Article

Instructional Design

Organizational success primarily lies upon the quality of the people working with ay concerned organization. Under this concept, soft skills must be essentially established through efficient and effective hiring or recruitment methods and polished through rational and functional training facilities and techniques. In essence, this was strategically applied by American Express by initiating an extensive… View Article

Is life cycle

The life cycle of information systems impact the organization in several ways and can be summed as follows: • System investigation: The primary analysis of the system is essential for enveloping all the business data and information requirements to map all processes in the organization (Hoffer, 2002). It is done so that no data is… View Article

The International Expansion of Design Practices

Designing world-class structures is now made easier with software that any architect in the globe may use in the privacy of his home.  3D modeling, rendering and animation software is but an example of such specialized software, making it easier for architects around the world to compete in designing architectural marvels (Advanced Micro Systems, Inc.). … View Article

The Psychology of Learning Design and Technology

1) Imagine you were asked to redesign one of the animations. Select two of the principles suggested by Mayer (2001) and articulate specifically how you would redesign that animation to enhance learning. Make sure your modifications would ENHANCE learning rather than simply enhance the animation. [4 points] Answer: I would redesign the topic about Hurricanes… View Article

Food Technology

Let’s remember 1The key stages of the technology process are designing, producing and evaluating. 2A design situation is a scenario, situation or context. It sets the scene for a designer. A design brief is a statement that presents a task or problem to be solved as it relates to the design situation. 3It is important… View Article

The Stupid Design Theory: Does it Make Sense?

Through time, there have been many theories that were formulated to explain the origin of things. The classical ones are the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin and the creation theory where God was the one who created all things in the beginning. Nevertheless, the modern world offers new theories to explain the universe. One… View Article

Theory, Design, and Specification

The development and application of programs and projects are indeed complicated as they involved numerous aspects and concerns, critical challenges and problems in its procedures, and other hindrances that are likely to affect their effectiveness and relevance. To preserve the effectiveness of the relevance of the programs, the projects must carefully, strategically, and systematically planned… View Article

Tiffany’s Glass and The Stained Glass Windows of The Medieval Era

The artist Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) is widely known for crafting complex stained glass windows, but also respected for his renowned Tiffany lamps. In addition to such pieces, Tiffany created a wide range of art including vases, jewelry and furniture. He developed as a decorator and architect in his own right, as his work has… View Article

Letter To The Manager

Greetings! I am so pleased and overwhelmed that I was given this particular opportunity to present you with a proposal that I think is highly beneficial not only to the progress of the students that are to enter the institution but would also impact the reputation and competency of the school in catering to the… View Article