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Describe the pattern of population distribution in Brazil

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Essay, Pages 4 (827 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (827 words)

In the Southeast coastal region of Brazil, by looking at the “population density” graph, it shows that it is far denser in this section. Whereas in the west of Brazil, it is a lot sparser. There are a lot of reasons that show a relationship with this. One reason is because of importing and exporting goods. Because of trade, there is bound to be an increase nearer the coast in the southwest. Also, there might be an increase of population because of its accessibility.

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Furthermore, by looking at the graph, it seems to be that more people are living in the big cities of Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Sao Luis and more.

This might be because work in secondary and tertiary sectors is more likely here as they are the big cities of Brazil. Due to their size, the accessibility level will also be a lot higher, and these cities will most likely be the home of airports and ports.

Just by looking at the graph, you can see that it is a country of extreme contrasts. In the west of Brazil, as I said before, it is a lot sparser. This might be because of the low accessibility levels. Furthermore, It is bordered on to Less Economically Developed Countries. Moreover, Brazil is the largest country in South America and has a population of around 160 million. Despite this vast population, the distribution of the population in Brazil is very unequal. Another reason is that in the west, there is a tropical rainforest climate, so very few people live there, as it is in addition too humid.

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A final reason is because of the large project being in the south, which could explain why it’s sparser southerly.

2 – Explain the location of the Carajas project within Brazil.

The Carajas project in Brazil is set in the hills of east Amazonia. The main reason for this is because there are huge deposits of high-grade iron and other minerals found here. Here, an estimated of 18 billion tones of iron has been found and is the recorded as the most ever been found. It has been known to hold vast minerals, forestry and hydroelectric resources. It covers an area of 900,000 sq Kilometers. The Grand Carajas Project covers a tenth of Brazil, which is equivalent to the size of the United Kingdom and France combined. The point of a project as huge as this is to extract raw material and exploit and explore them to over countries. It has been defined as being a project of mineral exploration and due to all the exporting of iron ore, a huge train that could withstand the flow of such mineral riches was built up from central Carajas to St Luis and then from there is exported, mainly to Japan.

3 – From your reading on Brazil, and the Carajas project in particular, explain some possible reasons why the country embarked on such a massive development project.

First things first, It’s a B.R.I.C for a reason. Carajas gave Brazil the development push it needed. Otherwise it would still be a L.E.D.C. Anything that gives a country a change and development is significant and it definitely changed it for the better. Before the Grande Carajas, it was an L.E.D.C and a huge project like this, which would evidently provide Brazil with a steady income and also give countries with low magnesium and copper levels raw minerals like Japan from Amazonia. Another possible reason why the country embarked on such a massive development project is that it supplies the people and residents of Brazil with jobs and opportunities to work and provide an income for their own family and lifestyle. Due to the huge scale of the project, there will also be a huge amount of professions to agree with the scale. It has supplied 7000 people with jobs and working opportunities.

Furthermore, due to the income it can supply, it can also create a better education opportunity for children. Seeing as the country was once an L.E.D.C, It was most probably that the children didn’t have useful resources so there education could persevere. It was also most probably that there weren’t many teachers with good pay and teaching qualifications but now, with a bigger income and brazil now known as a B.R.I.C would have more teaching resources and teachers with knowledge and qualifications for each subject. Finally, one last possible reason why the country embarked on such a massive development project was because of transport from each major city to the carajas region. The roads are better quality and there are now more of them due to the income developed from the project. Something all this possible reasons have in common is the possibility of a bigger income, which is proved to be correct. The reasons are all only due to only money and what it could be used towards to or if people could provide for them.

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