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The story starts when fairytale characters start showing up at Shrek’s swamp. While Shrek is eating the 3 blind mice show up and although their blind they are not scared of Shrek. This shows that Shrek isn’t what he looks like and that small venerable animals like mice aren’t afraid of the huge ogre. The mice are playing with him and they think that his ears are cheese but when they go to bite it, it’s actually his ear.

This shows that Shrek is not as scary as he should be he has not got the qualities of an ogre. Then comes the little dwarfs who put Snow white on the table, this annoys Shrek and he asks them what is going on.

Then the pigs tell him everything and he sets off with the donkey to Duloc. During this journey Donkey reveals a lot about Shrek’s character and the reason behind his loneliness. Shrek describes himself as an onion.

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But Donkey has no idea about what he means, he says, ‘They stink? ‘ Shrek says, ‘Yes. No! ‘ Then Donkey says, ‘Oh, they make you cry? ‘ Shrek says no angrily. Donkey then says, ‘Oh, you leave them out in the sun, they get all brown and start sprouting little white hairs. ‘ Then Shrek screams, ‘No! Layers! Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers.

You get it? We both have layers. ‘ Donkey says, ‘Oh… you both have layers… You know, not everybody like onions. Cakes! Everybody likes cakes.

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Cakes have layers. Shrek then says, ‘I don’t care what everyone likes. Ogres are not like cakes… You dunce, irritating, miniature beast of burden. Ogres are like onions. End of story. Bye bye. See ya later… ‘ this shows us that Shrek is green and ugly outside but he is sweet and caring on the outside and this is not what people go to look at. Shrek and Donkey then visit the kingdom of Duloc so that Shrek can reclaim his swamp back.

Duloc is very empty and quiet it doesn’t seem like a place of peace and order but fright. Lord Farquaad orders his men to fight the ogre and whoever wins will go on the quest. This shows that Lord Farquaad is an evil man and that his only priority in life is to have full power over his kingdom. He shows all the features of an ogre. Shrek on the other hand hates violence, instead of fighting he says, ‘can’t we not discuss this over a pint. ‘ This is not the type of language you would expect from an ogre because love to fight they wait for opportunities like this and he is trying to back away from it.

This shows that Shrek is not as violent as he looks he does not use his strength to start fights but he is decent and well- mannered. This shows that he is civilized, laid back and not at all aggressive. When they reach the castle Donkey refuses to walk over the bridge, but Shrek forces him to cross it by shaking it causing Donkey to cross without having any choice. When Donkey crosses it Shrek says, ‘that’ll do Donkey, that’ll do. ‘ This shows that Shrek has grown fond of this animal and he kind of likes him now. When Shrek breaks into the castle to rescue the princess, he does not act like normal rescuers.

He is quick and aggressive he shakes her awake and tells her to hurry up. This is not a traditional way of waking a princess because it is normally romantic. He does not treat her royally or anything and when she tries to tell him about the way it’s supposed to be he says, ‘You’ve had a lot of time to plan this, haven’t you? ‘ Princess Fiona acts in a very demanding way, she is supposed to be a damsel in distress but her behavior is very assertive and insistent, she persist on him kissing her. In traditional fairytales the princess would never ask to be kissed. This shows us that she is a very self dependent character.

She knows what she wants from life; she will fight for her way. Although Shrek seems violent we gather that he has not killed the dragon. When Princess Fiona tells him that he has to slay the dragon first he replies by saying, ‘It’s on my “to do” list. Now come on! ‘ but she still insists on him killing the dragon, she tells him that all the other knights have done this but he replies to her smartly saying, ‘Yeah, right before they burst into flame! this emphasizes on the point that Shrek is a non violent ogre who uses his head. He does not like to kill for no reason.

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Dependent character
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