Cuss Time Summary Essay

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Cuss Time Summary

In Jill McCorkles’s article “Cuss Time” she explains, “By limiting or denying freedom of speech and expression, we take away a lot of potential.” With saying this McCorkle backs up her argument with many different personal stories and experiences. The title “Cuss Time” comes from an experience between McCorkle and her son. When McCorkle saw her son “. . . silently mouthing a lot of new vocabulary while riding in the car or drawing,” she decided to let him have “Cuss Time” McCorkle explains for 5 minutes a day he was allowed to say any word he wanted, but when Cuss Time ended he wasn’t allowed to cuss till the next twenty four hour period when Cuss Time started again.

Part of McCorkles’s reasoning was without cussing (Or other words society has viewed as wrong or bad) it limits our potential in how we express ourselves. Her last point that she addressed was if these words are taken away then more will be taken until it’s a dead language. “Word by word, our history will be rewritten if we don’t guard and protect it. . .). In this quote she basically says our language will be changed if we don’t stand up and take action on our Freedom of Speech. Throughout her essay McCorkle gives a strong argument to support her thesis and get her opinion across.

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