Cultural artifact speech topic

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For the purposes of this speech, think critically about who you are and where you come from, to identify a culture that you identify with most strongly. This can include your ethnic culture, gender, religion or occupation. Perhaps your hobby makes a definitive statement about who you are and the other people you identify with most strongly. Whatever your choice, select an artifact that represents that culture and your place in it. Selection of the artifact is limited only by your imagination and the dimensions of our classroom.

(For example, the muscle car that represents your automotive hobby won’t fit through the door, so bring a picture or model of it instead.)

The speech itself should be 4-5 minutes long and should inform the audience about the culture, the significance and explanation of the artifact in the culture, and the ways in which the culture defines you as an individual.

Objective: This speech should be an original effort to convey your culture to your audience in an interesting manner.

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Focus on how knowing this information is significant – it is not just a story.

Grading Criteria: The speech should be interesting, well organized, competently presented, and should be appealing to your audience. You must have a captivating introduction, logical organization in the body, and have a conclusion that summarizes your theme memorably. In addition:

1. A speech that meets, but does not exceed the minimum requirements listed above will receive a C. A “C” is average; one must put forth considerable effort to earn above a C.

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2. Any speech that does not meet the time requirement or does not have a clear thesis and/or main points will receive a grade penalty.

3. You must bring an artifact that represents the culture.

4. You are advised to use note cards during your speech. Should you choose to write either part of or your entire speech on note cards or a sheet of paper you will receive a grade no higher than a C for your speech.

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