Correlation Between Motivation And Performance


Various studies have shown that there is correlation between motivation and performance and success of project depends on employee’s motivation. Management of motivation amongst project staff is a critical role for project managers to ensure success of the project. It is an uphill task to find the right motivated staff within an organization due to various reasons ranging from resistance by the functional managers to let go their staff, to convincing the selected staff to accept the new task (Meredith and Mantel, 2012, p.

111). This brief report analyzes the selection and maintaining motivated staff within a project.

Selection of motivated staff

According to Meredith and mantel (2012, p.111), selection of motivated staff is guided by 5 qualities as below analyzed;

  • High-quality technical skills: Team member should have required technical capability to handle technical problems with minimum supervision/assistance.
  •  Political, and general, sensitivity: Team member should be sensitive to organizational politics having in mind that success of the project is dependent on the support from the senior management hence he/she should be able to handle them.

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  • Strong problem orientation: Team member should be problem oriented thus he/she should be able to find solutions to problems. Pill (1971), states that “problem-oriented people tend to learn and adopt whatever problem-solving techniques appear helpful unlike discipline-oriented individuals who tend to view the problem through the eyes of their discipline, ignoring aspects of the problem that do not lie within the narrow confines of their educational expertise”.
  •  Strong goal orientation; Team members should be result oriented and not activity oriented.

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    Result oriented staff will work extra hours to ensure they achieve the results which makes them different from activity oriented.

  • High self-esteem: Individuals on the team should have necessarily high levels of self-esteem.

I find the above points carrying a lot of weight in terms of selection of the right staff and combines most of the other studies carried out by other scholars.

After identification of the motivated staff using above qualities, the project managers is supposed to take up on him to negotiate with relevant offices for the transfer. For transfer of staff internally, there is two levels of negotiation. Negotiation between the project manager and the functional manager where the staff is working and negotiation with the relevant staff.

How to maintain motivated staff

A number of theories exist on how to maintain motivated staff and relationship between motivation and performance. Robbins et al. (2000) argued that people are essentially motivated by a mix of three factors; achievement (getting recognition for job well done), power (controlling ones action) and affiliation (being and having feeling of being a member of a team socially and workwise). However, how do we ensure that staff remain motivated? Studies have shown that salaries or bonuses due to hard work might not be the right incentive for maintaining motivation, as they are routine and expected but Conducive work environment is the major motivator. According to employer resource, kit from Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts in the government of Australia below listed the factors to consider for maintaining staff motivation;

  • Exercising autonomy by giving individuals freedom to work in their own way
  • Providing opportunities for promotion
  • Giving staff responsibility by avoiding unnecessary supervision or checking
  •  Recognition of their performance and contribution to the project among others.

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Correlation Between Motivation And Performance

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