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Annotated Bibliography on Relationship between Social Media and Corporations

This article examines the spread of business initiatives on social media platforms. In the process of doing so, there has led to an improved business model that embraces social media as a result of this there has been an emergence of social media marketing. This article thus looks at social media from a commerce point of view and looks at the several issues involved in the use of technology in com...

Annotated Bibliography for the Relations between Social Media and Corporations

In this article, the study focuses on the influence social media release as a new communication tool influence on bloggers. An estimated 332 bloggers are used as respondents who respond on the influences of social media releases on their personal decisions of writing about a particular topic. From the study findings it is evident that bloggers thoughts is not only influenced by the use of SMR’s ...

Apple’s Inc. Operations Management

The operational costs incurred in software development and research of new application by the company also need be regulated. There are occasions where heavily funded research results into dead ends. Therefore, the development costs of PC software, to be leased, sold or else marketed, are highly exposed to capitalization by the company. This instigates when a product’s technological viability is...

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Kris Corporation Information Technology Proposal

Snover J. (2012). Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Window Server Blog. Retrieved from http://blogs.technet.com/b/windowsserver/archive/2012/05/09/windows-server-2012-remote-desktop-services-rds.aspxWindows Server (2015). Reviewing the Domain Models. Retrieved from https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc731718%28v=ws.10%29.aspxDeuby S. (2013). 7 More Reasons to Upgrade to W...

Current competitive strategies of Samsung and Apple

 Likewise, Samsung should consider modifying its current competitive strategy. This is despite the fact that it has propelled the company to the position of number one Smartphone manufacturer in the world. To begin with, Samsung needs to modify its current strategy and lay more emphasis on innovation. If nothing is done, the current strategy puts the company at risk of being seen as a...

Compare and contrast the practices of Apple and Samsung

In conclusion, there are a number of differences and similarities between these two major players in the technology and Smartphone markets. Although Apple has been the largest manufacturer and seller of smart phones for some time, it has been overtaken by Samsung in the last few years. Due to the nature of the industry that they operate in, both Samsung and Apple are sometimes forced to...

Apple, IT and. The Specter of Sweatshop Labor

  Labor practices are a controversial corporate social responsibility concern associated with Apple. Apple has been accused of overworking its’ employees following recent speculations from two supplier shops in China known as Foxconn and Inventec. Media recorded that; workers in these Companies are forced to work long hours and are underpaid. In addition, they are forced to live on ...

Intergroup Relations.Group behavior in organizations

Management of organization needs to take advantage of conflicts and competition among groups by applying necessary strategies that will give positive outcomes. One of the strategies is ensuring efficient communication channels within the company to ensure equal access to information by all the groups(Robbins, 2014). Another strategy is providing a clear definition of role and res...

Business models: a strategic management approach

Afuah, A. (2004). Business models: a strategic management approach. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.Bilton, C., & Cummings, S. (2010). Creative strategy: reconnecting business and innovation. Chichester, West Sussex [England: Wiley.Balling, M. (2006). Competition and profitability in European financial services strategic, systemic and policy issues. London: Routledge.Barney, J. B., & Hesterly,...

Accounting Martinez Corporation

The Martinez Company should be employ the capital intensive manufacturing method if the units produced are identical in nature capital. They can also use the capital intensive manufacturing method if they want to be more accurate of production and a reduction in errors. This method can also reduce the average cost per unit by increasing the level of output or products sold. If the Marinez Company ...

Examine the Impact of Multinational Corporations Setting up in Developing Countries

Action Institute. Multinational Corporations in the Third World: Predators or Allies in Economic Development? http://www.acton.org/pub/religion-liberty/volume-2-number-5/multinational-corporations-third-world-predators-o. Accessed 2/05/2012. GhanaWeb. Multinational Corporations and the Developing World. http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=171863. Accessed 3/05/2012. Gl...

Strategic leadership and innovation at Apple Inc.

Baden-Fuller, C. S. (2010). The firm matters, not the industry. I B. M. De Wit, Strategy: Process, content, context (An international perspective) (s. 451-455). North Way: Thomas Rennie. Barney, J. (2010). Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage. I B. M. De Wit, Strategy: Process, content, context (An International Perspective) (s. 290-299). North Way: Thomas Rennie. Cyert, R. (2010). D...

Analysis Role of a Partner in a Partnership Firm

The intent of the legislature while drafting this law seems to provide the benefit to the minor that the partner enjoys. But not all the benefits, he only enjoys a few. Otherwise he would be termed as the minor as a partner under section 30 of the partnership firm. But the words used are- minor as the beneficiary to the partnership. Thus in certain conditions, minor is open to enjoy the privileges...

Apple INC

Azadi Siamek and Rahimzadeh, E. (2012). Developing Marketing Strategy for Electronic Business by Using Porter’s Five Competitive Forces Volume 2 pg 47-57 Cusumano, M. (2002). Technological Strategy and Management. The Puzzle of Apple Inc. Harvard Business School Press, Boston MA. Renko. N. Sustic I. (2004). Designing Market Strategy Using the Five Competitive Forces by Michael Porter Internation...

Cadbury Report

The Cadbury Report was followed by three more major reports: Greenbury (1995), Hampel (1998) and Turnbull (1999). The Greenbury Report responded to the concerns about the level of executive pay rises, especially in the privatised utilities. The Hampel Report reviewed the progress of companies in responding to the Cadbury and Greenbury Reports and made some suggestions for improvement. The Turnbull...

Analyses the leadership of Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan Motor Corporation

In this paper we have analysed the leadership of Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Renault and Nissan companies. Having joined Nissan in the year 1999, when the company was suffering from a severe financial crisis, Carlos managed to rescue the company and turn it back into a profit generating firm. Carlos presented a successful leadership based on vision, participation, and passion about his employees as w...

Business partnerships and their benefits to organizations, suppliers, and customers

A business partnership is an association of two or more parties engaged in a business enterprise where all parties involved share the profits and losses equally. This type of association creates benefits for the organizations involved and its suppliers, thereby creating more value for its customers. The minimal formalities required in starting a business partnership enable the company to deal easi...

Corporate governance ethics

Corporate governance involves directing and controlling all operations of a corporation. Therefore, all unethical issues are as a result of incompetent corporate governance.  Most ethical problems associated by poor corporate governance include evasion of taxes, not meeting their corporate social responsibilities such as environmental protection and unfair wages to employees and production of poo...

Revolutionizing the World's Top Corporations “SIX SIGMA”

Pede, Peter.S (2002), Mc-Graw Hill, The Six Sigma Way (from 029-72) De Feo, Joseph A.; Barnard, William (2005). JURAN Institute's Six Sigma Breakthrough and Beyond - Quality Performance Breakthrough Methods. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Professional. ISBN 0-07-142227-7 (from p235- 245). Ramias, Alan, The Mists of Six Sigma, (2005), BP Trends (from p5-9) Eckes, George, Six Sigma for Everyone, 2003, Jo...

Outline On The History Of Halloween

Having seen how Halloween in modern times has evolved from its humble beginnings as an end of the growing season celebration, it is interesting to see how much festivities centered around the 31st of October have changed over the last 2000 years. It has gone from an end-of-year festival around 800 BC to a time when kids go door-to-door around their neighborhoods dressed up like their favorite cart...

MacDonald’s Corporation

In addition to the usual media (television, radio, and newspaper), the company makes significant use of billboards and signage, sponsors sporting events ranging from Little League to the Olympic Games and makes coolers of The Orange with their logo available for local events of all kinds. Nonetheless, television has always played a central role in the company’s advertising strategy. In January a...

Apple Financial Report

(1) Brandonweir, 2010, how many iphone have been sold, [accessed 29 November 2010], available at http://www.mahalo.com/answers/how-many-iphones-have-been-sold. (2) Downhill Battle, 2010, Are all those iPods empty?, [accessed 29 November 2010], available at http://www.itunesperipod.com/. (3) Alacrastore, 2010, Apple Inc Mergers and Acquisitions, [accessed 29 November 2010], available at http://www....

Whirlpool Internal and External Analysis

Whirlpool is a company that reputation precedes them. Whirlpool is a major corporation dealing with millions of dollars every day. Whirlpool has a lot of competitive advantage in its own industry. From the external and internal analysis it is apparent that Whirlpool has dominated their market share and has done the correct things to extend its success for many years to come. Whirlpool, however, ca...

David Suzuki

Framing is what they call it. Framing is where a news media puts the shareholders first. If a corporation invests in a news media, the media shapes the information being shared and how we see topics/issues. So, I didn’t get to see the corporation’s influences, since they didn’t want the public to see them. Framing is a popular topic in Brad’s class. The media frames issues all over the pl...

Creative Deviance: Apple Org Chart

In all these cases, an approach like Apple’s would have shut down some of the most successful products these companies ever produced. Doing “business as usual” can become such an imperative in a hierarchical organization that new ideas are seen as Threats rather than Opportunities for development. It’s not immediately apparent why top-down decision making works so well for one highly creat...

Introduction To Top Glove Corporation Berhad

Businessweek, 2013. http://investing.businessweek.com. [Online] Available at: http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/snapshot/snapshot.asp?ticker=HART:MK [Accessed 7 July 2013]. Emilio Colombo, L.S., 2006. Contribution to economics. In M.B. Werner A Muller, ed. Financial Market Imperfections and Corporate Decisions. New york: Physica-Verlag. p.174. EMIS, 2013. http://www.securities.com....

Market Structures and Pricing Strategies in Business

In conclusion, this paper has provided a glimpse of the four main market structures and their pricing strategies. As noticed perfect competition is not as common as the other three. Oligopy and monopoly are very similar because of their way to drive the market price up and that is because they both control the majority of the market respectively. My real world example of Apple shows how a company ...

Salomon v A Salomon & Co Ltd

Mr.Aron Salomon and his advisers, who were evidently very shrewd people, were fully alive to this circumstance. If the legislature thinks it right to extend the principle of limited liability to sole traders it will no doubt do so, with such safeguards, if any, as it may think necessary. But until the law is changed such attempts as these ought to be defeated whenever they are brought to light. T...

Corruption of Corporations in Oryx and Crake

Last, in order to provide a better illustration, three characters will be closely looked at: Oryx, Crake, and Jimmy. Oryx is a mysterious figure in the novel because her real name. Also, her past was not very clear when compared with the pasts of Oryx and Jimmy. She was influenced by the corruption because due to the corruption or Rejoovesence, she died. The other character who also was affected w...

Benguet Corporation

The Letter of Instruction (LOI) was executed not for negative purposes but for the good of all mining corporations. These is the reason why the LOI 1387 forced and mandated all the local mining corporations to submit their products to the Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corporation (PASAR) for testing, refining and smelting of mining products before transporting it to the foreign compa...

Difference between public limited company and private limited company

Commonwealth Consolidated Act, 2001, Corporation Act 2001, viewed 30 April 2012, Davies, P 1997, Gower’s Principles of Modern Company Law, 6th edn, London Finance, 2007, Proprietary limited company, viewed 30 April 2012, Lipton, P, Herzberg, A, 2000, Understanding Company Law, 10th edn, Sydney, New South Wales Lipton, P, Herzberg, A, 2001, Understanding Company Law, 9th edn, Sydney, New South Wa...

Apple vs Samsung devices

How has Samsung’s global marketing strategy enabled it to compete so effectively against apple? Samsung electronics mainly relies on market research. Samsung hire lot of employee who work in different country’s research center which provide information about consumer preference, taste of consumer where as apple does not spend lot of money on market research. Moreover Samsung spend huge money ...

Apple, Google, and Microsoft

If Apple, Google or Microsoft dominated the Internet experience, consumers would be forced to buy only one product and use only one service. The three companies would create a monopoly and the positive would be they would create a standard. This would affect quality which prices would be very high because they would have no competition. Right now it is too early to tell who would dominate the inte...

Splash Corporation

The Splash Corporation will set up funds how much the company willing to spend on the project , they will set up pilot studies first before they launch in full swing and they can easily make some changes if problems arises. They will hire a good cosmetologist to train them. Give them lecture how to handle small scale business and in money matters, try to help them find a better location for their ...


A majority shareholder is regarded as having a fiduciary duty to the corporation and to the minority shareholders. This occurs when a single shareholder owns a sufficient number of shares to exercise de facto control over the corporation. In these cases the majority shareholders owe a fiduciary duty to the minority shareholders. A breach of fiduciary duties by those who control a closely held corp...

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

From the point of view of both the employee and the company, this can be convenient, because the employee will be reimbursed for mileage and other expenses, while the company can save a trip. Some people feel that this term is a bit negative, given the association with hunting and death, and they prefer more positive twists on the saying. Several organizations have even sponsored contests to come ...

Apple Inc. and the Macro Environment

Stores exist all over the world, allowing the business to become an international company. Not only does the use of stores help Apple to become an international company but the use of the Internet also allows this to occur. However, by going international with their products, they have also broadened their spectrum for competition. Not every country is as passionate about Apple’s products as Ame...

Stern Corporation (A)

This patent had been granted on December 31, 1985. The cost of the patent was to be written off as an expense over the remainder of its legal life. (The legal life of a patent is 17 years from the date granted.) 5. On July 1, 1998, a typewriter that had cost $1,027 and had been fully depreciated on December 31, 1997, was sold for $75. 6. On October 1, 1998, the company sold a desk for $80. This pi...

Corwin Corporation Analysis

* Top management need to educate employees on the management policy regarding new projects. Functional managers need to lead this drive. * The Engineering department plays as much a role in decision making as the Marketing and Manufacturing department. The R&D bring innovation of the products in the organization and thus should not be seen as a support group. * The project manager’s mistakes...

Supplying Capability Apple vs Samsung

A technological breakthrough has given Apple the capability supplying more iphones. This new computer chip will make it much easier and cheaper to produce the iphone. The reduced production costs mean that Apple has made many more iphones available in stores. However, the demand for iphones has not kept up with the supply, so Apple reduced the price of the iphone to $249 to eliminate the surplus....

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