Compare & Contrast Taming of the Shrew

The couples in Taming of the Shrew all have different characters. They all can be identified in different ways, through actions and feelings. Katherine and Petruchio are both comparable when it happens dimwitted and big-headed which brings them both together emotionally.

Katherine and Petruchio are both really various beings, yet likewise the exact same. They have various views of life and objectives however the way they reveal it is mutual. Comparing them is quite simple; since Katherine is actually they way she is due to the fact that she covers it up with her true emotions that she desires to reveal.

For instance, her dad prefers her sister Bianca also the truth that she fears of never being able to get married to someone who can deal with her. She comes off as a Shrew not because that’s how she really is, it’s because it’s really a cover of her feelings. Guy back in the day looked down to her for being smart, and Katherine being difficult headed showed them that they can’t tame or tinker her.

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Her having a mouth and being strong minded wound up molding her personality to the general public, as some disrespectful, unmanageable female.

The one and only Petruchio, has intentions of only taming her for her money but in the process he ends up enjoying the ride and the company of “Kate”. With him being selfish and horrible it ends up actually being a good compare for the two because their personalities fit each other, either one can benefit from the other or nonetheless.

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Petruchio thinks that he can tame Kate, and that marriage is just about controlling wives. With both of them bumping heads all the time, one eventually has to give in because a person can only take so much until they reach their boiling point. He doesn’t care about anyone else but his self; compared to Kate she still has morals to certain people. But Petruchio only talks to or deals with anyone who can benefit him. But when Kate intervenes in his life it all changes, slowly to both of them.

In conclusion, the two or both bad for each other yet good. Katherine has found someone to actually deal with her and her wittiness and Petruchio ends up having feelings for her, and not just being mainly focused on her money. The couple rarely has differences in characteristics; the only thing they differentiate in is their intentions for each other. The main thing they are mutual in is their feelings and attitude to the outside world and each other.

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Compare & Contrast Taming of the Shrew

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