Coming of Age and Conflict in "To Kill a MockingBird"

The novel ‘To Kill a MockingBird’ illustrates a defining moment in coming of age and conflict. It tells us how Jem and Scout Finch and their experiences formed their understanding of the world. The Tom Robinson trial was the main event that taught the children of justice. Throughout the trial the kids were exposed to the cruel action of the justice system that was corrupted by racism. Through the strong morals of their father Atticus the kids were always taught justice and that justice is always fair and equal and they projected that belief onto the justice system of Maycomb County.

However the hard truth is harsh, as Atticus said ‘When it’s a white man’s word against the black man’s, the white man always wins.’ (pg 224 PDF)
In chapter 19 character Tom Robinson’s was up on the stand to give his testimony. Atticus was able to demonstrate a sufficient amount of evidence that worked in Tom Robinson’s favor.

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However the evidence was adequate but the jury’s decision was inevitable and ended up being ‘guilty’.

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Coming of Age and Conflict in "To Kill a MockingBird"

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