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Comfortable working environment

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Today, higher education enables many individuals to enter the labour force with the necessary K. S. A. ‘s needed to start work. Unfortunately no matter how skilled an employee is, there are always flaws which will be pointed out in appraisal.. In the evaluation process we have designed, we acknowledge the potential problems that exist and have explained them thoroughly in order to rest aside any misconceptions. The first problem we acknowledge is that most appraisals are conducted annually(or semi-annually) with no direct employee input.

Very few organizations give good training to appraisers. Managers are not well trained to evaluate and give feedback and as a result, they cannot provide the necessary information and support to the employees during the evaluation period. Employees will then end up without having relevant information to increase their performance at work. Though we tried to eliminate the errors as best we could though it is possible that managers may not learn the skills required and therefore are unable to appraise their employees in the best manner possible.

The managers at the firm do not spend enough time focusing on employee concerns and therefore do not take the time to properly evaluate their workers. Our product is thorough and simple to use but if the effort is not applied, we cannot guarantee results. Secondly, time is a major restriction in companies. The forms to complete are sometimes either too long or perhaps there are simply too many. On the self-evaluation side, employees in these situations don’t really pay attention to “questions” they are answering but rather want to get rid of them, by just filling the blanks with any info.

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Managers do the same and can misinterpret questions simply because they find the forms lengthy. We tried to keep the forms brief but it ultimately is the decision of the company as to whether the forms are the right length. Furthermore, the process can be lengthy as it takes time to fill out forms, evaluate and then interview employees. Sadly, not much can be done to resolve this as it is a vital component of the appraisal process. It takes time to monitor financial statements as each one is different. One must also be aware of the factors that affect performance.

Perhaps one day an employee was simply having a bad day. It takes time to gather information and fill out forms in an objective manner. Another problem we have found can be seen through rating errors. We already know some of the possible rating errors such as the recency effect or the halo effect. Managers may commit some of these errors but attributing false characteristics to certain employees simply out of spite or because of the rating errors. Unfortunately it is a difficult problem to fix and we cannot monitor the supervisors.

We must trust their judgment as the forms included are unbiased and fair. Performance appraisals may also demotivate employees when they have the feeling that results are bias. Results can be bias when raters are influenced by external factors such as personal relationship with subordinates. A recent study showed that when employees perceived performance rating to be manipulated because of raters’ personal bias and intention to punish subordinates, their satisfaction at work greatly decreases. As a result, they have a greater intention to quit their jobs.

(Article: effect of performance appraisal) In such a case, performance appraisal would no more provide employees with means to better perform but rather demotivate them. Using the firm as an example, many of the senior partners are of a certain background and tend to favour employees of that same background more so than others. If these attitudes persist, the apparaisal process will not be accurate. It relies on honesty and monitoring the results and outputs of the job and not necessarily the people who do them.

A final difficulty we found is that not all tasks are easily monitored. Office managers are responsible for keeping things orderly and functional but if something breaks down and is not repaired immediately it is not always the office managers fault. Tasks such as manual labour and fun committee are tasks that are difficult to appraise but very much part of the job. That being said, each supervisors has he/her own ideas of what constitutes success on the job. Because of this, it becomes difficult to assess each task if the output cannot be analyzed entirely.

Though we did make room on the forms for these tasks, they are not always easily indentifiable. These errors are possibilities that may come with the use of our product though none are guaranteed. To reduce the errors, managers must be aware of of the existence of these problems and must use the forms in an objective manner as we cannot monitor the behaviour of the users. Honesty and objectivity are the required abilities needed to use this process. We trust the users will comply.

Designing a good performance appraisal is extremely important to help the supervisors and employees clarify job expectations, create standards, set realistic performance objectives, and develop the employees’ potential. The appraisals also encourage open communication between supervisors and employees by giving and receiving feedback, and help recognize the outstanding performances. As a result of the appraisal, the employees will identify which areas they need to develop and work on so that they can be more effective

Some of the major problems that come along with the appraisals is the time and energy spent on developing them and the whole process of evaluating the employee. A solution for that would be creating an on-line automated system that save the raters time and make it simple for the employees taking the appraisal. That helps make the appraisal a well defined, continuous, effective process. It is also essential to make sure that the top management is supporting the process by giving incentives for the appraisers to evaluate their subordinate effectively.

The appraisal should not be used to decide basic salaries, but more for giving bonuses or promotions. And these raters must be careful of the raters’ error and biases such as similar to me effect and contrast error. A good training program can be designed to prepare the raters to be consistent with their ratings and stay away from these errors. In addition, for the sake of having low turnover rates, it is more beneficial to make the performance appraisal less mechanical by leaving less space on the forms for employees’ concerns and complaints and more for improvement ideas.

This allows them to critique their own performance and identify self improvement goals. Feedback is very crucial too. More attention and focus should be paid to it throughout the year and not only at the end of the cycle. The feedback is better when it is two way communication and as honest as possible. At the firm, feedback is not given often. Employees are also afraid to confront supervisors. If feedback was given often and in a comfortable manner, the job would be far easier to cope with.

Another way to maintain the effectiveness of the appraisal is to inspect the current program and modify it if the objectives change in the future to keep up with times, using whatever technique that fits the organization needs. The 360 degree feedback appraisal could help a lot in the future. It is a comprehensive and developmental appraisal that brings out every aspect of an employee’s life. Whether it is collaborating with people outside or inside their department, the appraisal generally has high employee involvement and credibility. It provides people with a good all-around perspective.

Though the job of secretary has many tasks that are difficult to assess, it may becomes possible in the future to incorporate a 360 degree feedback method where peers, customers and superiors can all contribute to aid the employee in being the best he/she can be. Currently, no such method is employed though it may be an idea to use this process. For future performance evaluations a face to face formal interview can be added besides the written appraisal. The interview should concentrate more on problem solving and less on monitoring and tracking in order to set high bar for performance and career development.

The interviews can focus on explaining why certain grades were given and give the employee a chance to really explain their side of the story. We feel this might be a good tactic to use should the time be available. It also promotes a certain comfort level within the organization. Ineffective appraisals lead to a number of serious problems that negatively affect both individual and organizational performance. To avoid these problems, it is important to systematically and frequently review the system operations to make sure that processes and practices are being followed and are effective.

Examples of measures that can be used to assess the health of the organization appraisal system include employee acceptance and trust of the appraisal system, the relationship between level of performance and rewards, level of individual performance and organizational financial performance, consistency of implementation of policies and practices across levels, departments, and locations, and turnover and absenteeism rates compared to other organizations or to levels at the organization itself before and after the start of the performance appraisal system.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts We believe we have created a top notch appraisal system that fully comprises of all the necessary tools to accuretely meaningfully apprase job performance. Using the tasks, skills and abilities shown by the employees, we have developped a system that can be used to evaluate the job the scope of the job.

We have used examples to show how the software and forms created can truly help the organization manage their employee relations and help them improve if need be. The system should also build on the relationship between management and employees as it will hopefully open the doors for more relaxed communication and a more comfortable working environment.

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