Code of Conduct and Ethics for a Fingerprint Examiner

Teresa A. Allen Fingerprint Classification & Latent I-1001 Individual Work – Week 1 July 23, 2011 Pg. 2 Today, no matter what career you should choose, you always need to be professional in your job. Many jobs today especially in law enforcement, are going to have to follow a code of conduct. These codes of conduct include the requirement that all investigations and examinations be conducted with efficacy and effectiveness.

If you choose a fingerprint examiner’s job, you are going to have to go for training and seek additional training, because most agencies only give you the minimum training to get the job done.

So it is up to you to be a professional in the career that you chose, from reading and researching the best way to go in order to come out on top in this career is to get the most knowledge that you can. The only way to do that is by join organizations that can provide the training you need on new technologies, publications and you can be able to interact with other examiner in your field.

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You also have to follow a code of conduct and ethics of professionalism within these organizations, if you follow these codes they can keep you from getting into trouble in the long run, along with not getting your feeling involved in the investigation. The two organizations that I am going to briefly talk about are two organizations that you can apply for which are California State Division of the International Association for Identification and The International Associational Association for Identification is a worldwide organization.

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First, will be the California State Division of International Association for Identification.

This organization has an excess of 650 members that are selected not all get in; you can try to get in as early as college or university level. They offer their members original research with refinements of current methodology and professional training. By being selected as a member you will be able to travel to various locations for seminars for training, meeting other examiners in your field and discuss openly with other peers their skills and knowledge. Pg. 3 The second, which is kind of the some of the same things listed previously, but this organization, is on worldwide level.

Having a membership with The International Association for Identification organization can benefit you a little better I think personally, I would choose both of them to go together. This one is worldwide, you have more forensic examiners’ getting evolved with more new technologies and information available that is coming out all the time someone discovering all the time. Reference Fingerprint Identification: Criminal Investigations Series, William Leo (2004) http://www. csdiai. net/index. html http://www. theiai. org/certifications/

Updated: May 19, 2021
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