Our Code of Business ConductOur Company's Code of Business Conduct serves as

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Our Code of Business ConductOur Company's Code of Business Conduct serves as the foundation of our approach to ethics and compliance. It clearly states our expectations of accountability with regard to ethical conduct in all areas of our business. All of our Company and majority-owned subsidiary associates are required to read, understand and adhere to the Code's precepts.Anti-CorruptionOur Company's anti-corruption compliance program iis dedicated to ensuring that business throughout the Coca-Cola system is conducted in a fair, ethical and legal manner.

This means avoiding corruption in any form, including bribery. Our Code of Business Conduct and Anti-Bribery Policy give guidance on operating with honesty and integrity. They clarify our expectations that anti-corruption laws are adhered to in every country in which we operate.Ethics Codes and Principles for Non-Employee Directors and SuppliersWe have also published a Code of Business Conduct for Non-Employee Directors, which comes from the same principles and values as the Company's Code of Business Conduct for employees.

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Our Supplier Code of Business Conduct and Supplier Guiding Principles set baseline expectations for how our suppliers conduct their business.Ethical Conduct AdministrationThe Code of Business Conduct is administered by our Ethics & Compliance Committee. This cross-functional senior management team oversees all our ethics and compliance programs and determines Code violations and discipline. Our Ethics & Compliance Office has operational responsibility for education, consultation, monitoring and assessment related to the Code of Business Conduct and compliance issues. Associates worldwide receive a variety of ethics and compliance training courses administered by the Ethics & Compliance Office.

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We regularly monitor and audit our business to ensure compliance with the Code and the law. We also maintain a consistent set of best-in-class standards around the world that govern how we investigate and handle Code issues. EthicsLineEthicsLine is a global online and telephone information and reporting service that is available to all of our associates, bottling partners, suppliers, and consumers so they may ask questions about ethics and compliance issues. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with translators available, as a means for individuals to ask questions and report potential violations.Building Ethical Business PracticesWe are committed to building an ethical business culture across all our global operations and our broader system, particularly focusing on the business we conduct in countries and territories where there may be a higher risk of unethical behaviors.The Company appoints an employee in each operation to serve as Local Ethics Officer (LEO). This role is a critical part of bringing our ethics and compliance program to life around the world, ensuring global consistency and local relevance. LEOs serve as a resource for employees to ask questions and share concerns and are also the keeper of our Code on a local level. We have established many communication and management routines to keep this important network of compliance resources current on the latest trends, tools and elements of our program and to enable the sharing of best practices globally.Annually, we host representatives of many of our global system bottlers at an ethics & compliance forum that leverages external experts and facilitates the sharing of best practices. Topics include building ethical cultures, anti-corruption, data privacy, trade compliance, cyber threats, fraud, training and communications, and ethics governance and infrastructure.Our Company's long-standing commitment to doing business with integrity means avoiding corruption in any form, including bribery, and complying with the anti-corruption laws of every country in which we operate.For the Coca-Cola Company and our entire system, the Code of Business Conductand Anti-Bribery Policy provide guidance on how to conduct business in a fair, ethical and legal manner. All associates of our company and its majority-owned subsidiaries are required to read, understand and follow the precepts of our Company's Code of Business Conduct, which includes anti-corruption expectations for all employees. Our anti-corruption compliance program encompasses numerous reporting, monitoring and certification controls, as well as an education component comprising both web-based and in-person training.CONCLUSIONCoca Cola Company has been experiencing ethical crises due to lack of leadership skills, poor economic performance, lack of corporation by employees and competitive malpractices. The company has been trying to solve these issues by engaging in community development and forming public relations exercise. The company has assured customers of better and quality products and services.The company cannot become the next Enron because it is managing its crises by trying to regain customer trust and improving on the product and services. The company is still ranked as the best branded company in the world despite the ethical issues that surround it. Its brand image is enough to assist the company through the crisis.The company should try and regain its reputation by providing quality goods and services. It should assure its stakeholders on presenting true and fair financial status of the company. They should not engage in competitive malpractices that would lower their level of fame. The company should set strict rules and procedures that will guide the actions of executives and employees in order to prevent ethical crisis in future.

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Our Code of Business ConductOur Company's Code of Business Conduct serves as
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