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This holiday was wonderful for me because it was more fun than other holidays for now. I got a good time and especially it was great because I spent it with my family, I am lucky about that because I have a big family. Usually, the Christmas holiday is more important for me, as children go to carols for Christmas at houses of people to announce the birth of Jesus Christ. I like to go singing and this year I was together with my brother and a good friend, I made a lot of money and I divided it into three.

On Christmas Eve I decorated a Christmas tree for both my grandparents and my parents. I spend my Christmas in Harman and for New Year I come to my grandparents with my parents and spent the day with them and with my uncle, aunt and my cousins.

All of it was great but with one exception – I don’t like a holiday without snow, I like when there is much snow that makes me have a mood for this holiday.

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It is so special and so beautiful, it is great when I see snowflakes. For New Year’s night I got many fireworks and petards, I like this part, this custom and I think that all people like it with the exception of my grandmother, she doesn’t like it because she is afraid of it. I think this is because of their deafening noise. If not for the noise, I am sure would like it.

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  I think Christmas and New Year are important and special for everybody. Every year we spend this wonderful moment with the entire family and we enjoy it with great love.

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Christmas Holiday
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