Children Essay Topics

Meeting the learning needs of all the children

Although these areas seem separate, they are not planned for individually. One activity may cover three or four areas of learning. In my opinion the Guidance Document is very repetitive. This can be due to the fact that one focused activity can cover many areas of the six areas of learning. Children are developing at… View Article

Children learn

The Guidance for the Foundation Stage Curriculum (2001) suggests that an appropriate curriculum for young children is a play-based curriculum, offering children a choice of play based activities and experiences. Siraj-Blatchford and Clarke (2000) agree that play has been well documented as a means by which young children learn. “Play is highly valued in the Early… View Article

Children in the reception class

The setting in which I am carrying out this assessment is a county infants school in the reception class. The school is located on the outskirts northwest of the town Ipswich. There are children altogether attending the school and there are twenty-eight children in the reception class. Inside the classroom there is space on the… View Article

The effect of day care on their children

I would generally agree with the view that parental characteristics highly affect how the environment of their child’s day care would be; indeed this will influence the social learning of the child. If a decision was made for the child to attend day care regularly, this obviously would be made by one, or both, of… View Article

Children with special educational needs

The home environment and lifestyle of a child can be influenced from as early as conception. In pregnancy if a mother chooses to drink alcohol they run the risk of alcohol crossing the placenta, which can lead to foetal alcohol syndrome. This condition affects foetal growth and causes delayed development, learning difficulties and congenital abnormalities…. View Article

Children and adults

The Effective Early Learning Project based at Worcester University highlights two ways in which adults can help children progress; The first is the way the adult encourages the child to be autonomous, to get on and try new things; The second, is the way the adult offers experiences which are stimulating, challenging and interesting. Adults… View Article

Children after the separation

Further his studies of the effects of war on children who were separated from their mothers at an early age was considered to be research done in a crisis situation. Critics argue under these circumstances it would be impossible to conclude how the same children would have reacted out of a war time environment. It… View Article

Homeless essay

Most homeless people are responsible for their own problems. Do you agree? In this essay I will be pointed out facts about the homeless people in London and I will be analysing if it is there fault for being homeless or our fault. There are thousands of people who roam around the streets of London… View Article

Children’s ideas in Science

Harlen (1997) identified various techniques which can be used to enable children to reveal their ideas. These include: – questioning, asking children to draw or write about what they think is happening, discussing their writing or drawing with their teacher and initiating a group discussion. With Harlen’s view in mind and considering the class topic of… View Article

The upper and even middle class

Ever since the beginning of civilization, there has been a difference in economic and social, creating two separate classes. The wealthier and educated made up the upper status of society making up what is today called upper class. The poor and uneducated made up the people which were often looked down upon by the upper… View Article

Male culture disadvantages boys in education

Until the late 1980’s, most sociological literature focused on the underachievement of girls. Girls were less likely to pursue A levels and consequently to enter higher education. However, in the early 1990’s, it was argued that girls had begun to outperform boys at most levels of the education system. The main sociological focus today therefore… View Article

Practical critical essay on ‘Jude’ Part 6 Ch.2.

Little Father Time has just hanged himself and the other two children. Jude and Sue have just come across this scene of horror. Hardy cuts “upon the floor, on which was written, in the boy’s hand, with the bit… ” into short segments with commas giving the narration a breathless effect. It demonstrates Jude and… View Article

Children and the hous

Carver has been called a “dirty realist”. In what way do you think this can be applied to “Neighbors” and “They’re not your husband”? I don’t think Carver’s work can really be stereotyped; it is certainly different from other fiction by other American writers, so I don’t think it can ever really be given a heading… View Article

Comparing coverage in two different Newspapers

The incident covered in the two articles I have studied was a train fire in the Austrian ski resort of Kaprun on Saturday 11th November 2000. The first article I looked at was in the tabloid paper the Sunday Express. The second article I looked at was in the broadsheet paper the Observer. The two… View Article