Analysis Of The Cause Of Girl Violence

Nowadays, the frequency of many violence whose perpetrators are girls soar in school specially in high school and junior high school. This kind of violence are usually far more brutal and horrible than those caused by boys. Its form features a series of violent behaviors organized in groups. What on earth turn these young girls into such demon in school when they should have spent time studying and made acquaintance with many excellent peers? It is really hard to make a conclusion.

Here I would analyze some possible reasons in terms of psychology briefly.

In most of the violence events, the perpetrators tend to be the so-called “delinquent juvenile”. They are weary of studying or even play truant, living in self-degeneration and self-abandon. One of the main causes resulting in this consequence is lack of confidence and self-respect. Most of them have suffered from discrimination and sarcastic ridicule for they could not obtain good grades. Under this circumstance, their self-esteem are combated hard and deeply, thus regarding themselves failures and see no hope and promise in their future.

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In search of a compensation of success and comfort, they opt to deal with the setbacks in a shrinking , indifferent and beyond-realistic way, that is ,violence.

Another prominent reason is the immaturity of psychology and physiology. In adolescent age when both are immature, youths are poor in distinguishing right from wrong and resisting temptation, which is the reason why they are more likely to fall into the abysm of crime when they are lured or compelled by some criminals.

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Nevertheless, the most crucial factor is the absence of proper family guidance. Every child will come across setbacks in the process of growth, which entails proper guidance provided by family members. It determined which way will she choose to go through those frustration. In China, more than half of the children have suffered a beating.

This is how parents teach their children to deal with problems with violence. Moreover, many parents believe “Money talks.” and even bring this ”creed” into children’s pure world which make these future perpetrators fail to realize that they are actually committing a crime. Girl’s violent is an extremely damaging social behavior that can be neglected. If our parents could truly complete the mission of family education and all the social members including schools and friends can draw them back to track when there is a sign of degeneration, this kind of tragedy would be on the decease.


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