The Main Stages of An Adult's Life

Since the first family of Adam and Eve that God Himself discovered to be an essential element of a person’s adult, marriage is one of the basic stages of an adult person’s life. While many couples find marriage life enjoyable and comforting with little challenges, some find the marriage institution full of challenges. Young couples who marry before attaining the age of 21 are more likely to get more problems in a marriage such as possible health complications to the woman, overburdening family responsibilities and difficult to integrate family life and career progression.

Some critics argue that marriage at a young age enables the couples to bear and raise children while young and active unlike when they have to struggle with the education of their children after retirement.

Marrying at a tender of twenty or below has possible negative influence on a woman’s health especially during pregnancy and delivery. Majority of the health complications during delivery such as fistula affect very young mothers who have barely matured.

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Maternal deaths are high in young mothers than mature experienced mothers. This is because the body of a young mother is barely ready for pregnancy and delivery hence is overwhelmed by the physical and physiological changes during these stages. Moreover, in most incidences, the couple is highly inexperienced and financially challenged to properly undertake antenatal and post-natal care for the young mother.

Therefore, marrying at a tender age poses high maternal risks to the mother hence should be discouraged or the couple delays getting children until they are mature, experienced and economically stable to handle a pregnancy.

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Apart from the inability to handle maternal health complications, the young couple is highly inexperienced in family life hence it is hard to successfully carry out family responsibilities. The two are beginning their youth days hence adventurous and less responsible for their actions. Most of these couples are unable to earn a living as they are still schooling hence lack the required skills for the competitive labor market hence fail their family responsibilities.

Given the challenges that come with their inexperience to carry out family responsibilities and lack the resilience to overcome challenges, they are vulnerable to divorce and separation. Despite the aforementioned shortfalls, marriage at a young age enables the parents to bear their desired number of children, raise them while still young and retire peacefully. The young couple has the physical energy to monitor and guide their children according to the prevailing societal norms and trends such as new careers in town and latest ways of life. This is because the parents have recently passed through the stages that their children are experiencing and are able to remain innovative. Young parents are also quick to discover the talents of their children and nurture them compared to elderly couples.

However, research has proved that even elderly couples can achieve these with their family hence not a prelude to pre-mature marriages. It is clear that young couples face more challenges ranging from health, family responsibilities to career progression. The society should raise awareness on the implications age, experience, financial abilities and education on young people wishing to get married, otherwise they can way, learn each more, get life experience and mature before happily getting married. The government, faith-based, and community based organizations should organize youth conferences seminars and workshops to educate the youth the implications of earlier marriages.

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