Cell Phones Are Dangerous to Us

When we consider the importance of cell phones and their impact on their users, we might all agree to the fact that it is easy to weave them into the fabrics of our day-to-day activities. Mobile phones enable easy communication with loved ones, access to vital information, and diverse functions such as texting, emailing, and web browsing. These devices foster connectivity, productivity, and convenience, making them indispensable in today's world. It has become the most useful electronic device in the world.

In such an advanced generation, new services for cell phones have increased. Cell phones now provides internet access and it is the most effective way to communicate while away from regular wire-based phones. We all enjoy applications that make life easier and video conferencing that makes one feel close to friends and loved ones all though they are worlds apart. Cell phones are very useful and beneficial for learning, communicating and many more, but they also have some negative impacts on us such as causing cancers, leading to distractions and many more.

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Although the cellphone brings some conveniences and benefits to our lives, I will argue that they are and have potentially dangerous effects on us than we can ever imagine. Cellphone does more harm than good. The points below will help clarify my assertions

On the contrary, Cell phones are essential for humanity. The reason is that cell phones provide not only make it easy for us to communicate with our families, colleagues through calls and SMS but also facilitate the sending e-mails as our mobile phones are now considered to be mini computers that can be connected to the Internet if configured.

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Cell phones are even used as a camera, a video recorder and even as a radio and mp3 player all in one.

Other valuable aspect of cell phones worth noting are all cellphones have a clock to tell the time. Some phones permit the downloading of music and movies. Other cell phones allow you to check the weather forecast for the city you are in, so you can make decisions about what to wear or the method of transit that is the safest to get you to where you need to go.

Principally, cell phones can affect teenage behavior in a way that can alter their way of life negatively. This is highly evident due to technological advancements of cell phones. These cell phones allow teenagers to cheat in examination due to the phones’ ability to store notes and when they can sneak their phones into the examination room or hall. Hence, when invigilators are not looking, they tend to cheat. Yet still, with the phones’ advancements, young teens get to explore different things and some of these things can be viewing pornography, which has negative telling effects difficult to erase on these young minds. This is possible because there are tons of websites to download these explicit videos from. Moreover, with these images and videos indelibly etched on their minds they develop a high urge to practice what they see and these results in teenage pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases.

# Secondly, cellphone radiations pose a serious health risk to its users. Cell phones cause electromagnetic radiations which science has proven to be a mild form of radiation but yet detrimental to our health and causes cancer to the human body. It seems harmless but years of its usage without proper precautions can cause brain cancer. According to a recent scientific study, it starts with little bouts of headaches and this when not detected early can result in cancer of the brain. Cell phones are also very explosive when exposed to fuel or highly radioactive materials. This is the more reason why many gas stations require you turn your cellphone off before a refill. Failure to comply can be chaotic.

Furthermore, cell phones can cause one to stand the risk of getting involved in an accident. This is because when people opt to talk on their cell phones whilst driving, it can cause divided attention, and one can lose their focus on the road and the inevitable might happen. Another thing people do, which can result in a road traffic accidents, is texting and driving. You might think to do a quick text and then focus again on the road. However, by the time you realize ahead- on-collision might be looming its head because of a few seconds that you took your eyes off the road.

Cellphone brings unnecessary pressure and stress on the individual and this can cause a huge dent in one’s budget. In order to use a cellphone and enjoy its full potential and benefits, one must always go in for the latest one available on the phone market. In addition, this requires spending hefty amounts to be able to purchase them. This easily translates to the fact that one must do everything in their quest to get the latest. Students can use part of their tuition fees to buy new phones for if one wants to use their obsolete phones it may not be up to standard because the android or the iOS operating system may not be up to date and can cause one to lag behind.

The financial constraints are just unbearable. According to new data from price comparison, a typical smartphone including equipment, usage bills and applications cost a staggering $7500 or more over a lifetime. To break it down a bit, if you buy your first cellphone at age 18 and upgrade every 32 months until age 78, which is the average life expectancy in the US, the company estimates that you would have purchased 22 phones in your lifetime. In addition, with the average selling price of $567 per model, the total expense for 22 phones will be $12,474.

The cellphone more over is taking over face-to-face conversations. Families, friends and loved ones do not get the opportunity to enjoy quality time anymore because all are too busy on their phones. This goes a long way in affecting the bond that is supposed to exist between them. The cellphone has gradually replaced normal chats during family dinners where hitherto was time for discussing family issues. This causes great self-isolation and people cannot connect to verbalize their problems to loved ones anymore but their phones. Most people get depressed due to loneliness, this can lead to mental health issues, and some even end up committing suicide. Everyone is so much obsessed to knowing what is happening somewhere else to the detriment of the current situation right in front of them. It is like no one cares about no one anymore but their phones and this devalues our friends, family and even our surroundings.

Cell phones get dirty and very few of us clean them regularly, so that is leaving you open to all kinds of infections. In one study conducted in Turkey, researchers found that nearly 95% of the cell phones owned by health workers, of all people, were contaminated by bacteria. The advice from experts is that cell phones should be wiped over with an antibacterial wipe at least once every day. Cellphone usage can be a great source of contracting or transmitting diseases especially this novel Covid 19 pandemic, which has struck terror and fear into the hearts of all people around the globe. Surprised? Well let me explain. Studies have shown that public toilets are probably cleaner than our own cellphone. The study when carried out calculated the amount and variety of germs found on public toilet seats: they found out that they were 10 times less than the amount and variety of germs and bugs found on our phones. A 2015 study also showed how cell phones are a potential source of bacterial and viral contamination. For we in turn clean our toilet pots more often than our cell phones. This thus guarantee an easy transmission of viruses and bacteria. In 2012, a thief stole a cell phone from an Ebola isolation ward in Uganda and soon contracted the disease through contact with the phone. Likewise, this pandemic can easily be transmitted to us or from us to others through our cell phones. So we must start cleaning those cell phones very often and if we know we cannot, we will have to better put them away.

In addition, because of cell phones, productivity at work is even decreasing because of the amount of time people spend on them during the evening or later at night by which time they should be asleep. According to numerous studies, the average adult in the US needs about 7-8 hours of sleep every night. This is to maintain healthy biological functions and to maximize the ability to carry out daily activities. However, the unfortunate thing is that cell phones are now thwarting what scientists call the circadian rhythm or our body’s internal clock responsible for the regulation of body processes according to light or dark or what is commonly called the sleep wake cycle. This is the simple logic behind the sleep wake cycle; when our eyes tell us it is dark we then begin to tire out and eventually sleep. In addition, when it tells us it is light, we get active and ready to carry out our daily life activities. ###Our bodies in time are accustomed to our daily internal clocks then it can anticipate which time of the day to be most active and which time to give way to sleep. Cell phones as already mentioned exacerbate the lack of sleep in most adults of the working class. When a phones screen is lit, it sends information via the retina to the portion of the brain that controls the circadian rhythm or clock.

The brain then sends information back to the body that it not yet bedtime and a person can be hooked on to their cell phones all night. When this happens and or continues for a period of time, the body’s circadian rhythm adjusts to this then in no time the person starts suffering a form of insomnia. Such people wake up every day having difficulties in thinking or performing well their daily activities since they hardly slept. They drag themselves around in a jet-lag fog as they attempt to process information. This sleep deprivation affects adults in their workplaces since it affects their health including issues like mood, behavior, increased anxiety or depression, use of caffeine, tobacco or alcohol and even weight gain. Sleep deprivation also increases the likelihood that people will not be able to concentrate at work during working hours and this can eventually lead to low productivity and efficiency at work thus affecting the overall work output because someone is sleeping on their job. It can also lead to drowsy driving incidents and the result can be very fatal. All of these are happening because of the usage of cell phones inappropriately. The cellphone is a useful thing yes but looking at this typical point clearly shows how dangerous it can be if not used well for it can affect not just an individual but also the nation.

To this point, with all the points raised above spanning from how cell phones affect teenage behavior, the radiations they emit, the road accidents they can cause, the financial constraints, how it is killing face-to-face conversations and finally how it can spread diseases. We all will attest to the fact yes; the cellphone has major benefits, but the points discussed here and into details has made it crystal clear that the cellphone is perilous. So, if you are thinking of buying a cellphone in the coming days please weigh the pros and cons of it.

Updated: Jan 04, 2024
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