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Celebrity Influence

Categories: CelebrityInfluence

Teens and Celebrities Teenagers often turn to their favorite celebrities for guidance in their every day lives. Celebrities have become more mainstream role models for teens as their images and lifestyles are normally splashed across television, movies, magazines and all throughout pop culture. Teens that try to emulate their favorite celebrities may select good role models or bad ones that can be positive or negative for teens. Problems with teens linked to celebrities include: •Teen behaviors resulting in celebrity influence •Self esteem and body images issues for teens

Teens, Celebrities and Behavior Many teens will try to mirror their favorite celebrities.

While sometimes these role models can be good for teens, in today’s day and ag e, many celebrities uphold standards the average Joe can’t live up to. Sometimes that behavior is also dangerous such as drug abuse or partying excessively. Celebrities promote behaviors that are not always positive for teenagers to see on a daily basis. Celebrities Promoting Drinking To Teens In television, movies and magazines, celebrities are often portrayed drinking heavily or in excess.

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This can be harmful to teens that pick up on these behaviors and think it is normal to drink excessively like their favorite celebrity. Often times, the celebrity is not the best role model, turning to drinking without realizing their fans, in large part teens, are watching and taking notes. Drug Abuse By Celebrities Almost every other day, a celebrity is in trouble with the law in terms of drug abuse or addiction.

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Teens see their favorite movie stars or singers doing drugs and they think they should too.

Celebrities often cultivate behaviors that are bad, such as drug addiction, and make teens believe these lifestyles to be cool and exciting. Celebrity Influence On Teen Image Many teens become curious about their own image when they see their favorite singers or celebrities throughout magazines, TV shows or in films. Teens normally like to have a role model they can turn to for how to dress, look and act. However, these role models are not always cultivating the best body images and self esteem for teens and it’s important for you to recognize that.

Teen Self Esteem When a teen is constantly inundated with picture perfect images of their favorite celebrities, they can often feel the weight of trying to live up to airbrushed images. Movie stars and musicians are often portrayed as perfect, which can in turn make a teenager feel inadequate. Self-esteems in teens can plummet if they are always faced with living up to such perfection. Teen Body Image The norm among celebrities when it comes to body image and weight is often super skinny and unrealistic.

Teens that don’t look like their favorite celebrities often try to lose weight or dress like their celebrity role models. Problems such as anorexia and bulimia can develop when a teenager is trying to look like a celebrity. A teen’s perception of their own body image can often turn drastically different than it actually may be with a celebrity’s influence and it can be hard for you to feel as though you’re content to be who you are with those pressures; but you need to overcome those effects that celebrities have on you.

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