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How far do you agree with the view that ‘Womanly Gospels is nothing but “Feminist Propaganda???”‘ In response refer to 2 poems in detail. Speak about Title, The Virgins Memo, The lady who went shopping

Feminism has been around considering that the 1910 with intent and function. Ever since the motion got momentum and developed a 2nd and 3rd movement which have gotten recognition in history and still today there are real feminists who kept real to the initial feminist motion. Nevertheless because then have actually brought in the attention of wannabe’s and females who have actually been disinformed of what feminism is, aspire to join some sort of cause to permit females to be treated as “equals” to their male counterparts.

Carol Ann Duffy has actually created a wide variety of books resolving the literature world of feminism not only that is she hailed one of the biggest Feminist authors nonetheless I agree rather with the declaration that her book Womanly Gospels which she published in 2002 has a lot of feminist propaganda.

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Virgin’s memo is a common example of womanly propaganda as it’s a poem of the Virgin Mary leaving a post-state message for her child Jesus, who according to the Bible was the child of God. We can see this as in the 2nd line she says “child” dealing with Jesus. Duffy uses repeating to stress just how bad males are at awareness, this is done constantly by utilizing the word “perhaps” and “or” as if Mary pulled these concept’s without much idea or brain power, therefore by utilizing repetitive words like “possibly” and “or” Duffy evidently voices her viewpoint that females are better at males if they are given the capability or in this case the power to change things in the world or make a distinction and at the same time shows men in a discrediting light.

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Furthermore Duffy also does this by creating a list of the many different problems Jesus could’ve gotten rid of when he was alive like “abscesses, acne, asthma” and “menopause, mice, mucus, son” in other words challenging what Jesus did in his life and belittling men in general . Duffy adopts crude and humorous theme to the poem to demonstrate the incapability of awareness males have for instance Duffy uses crude irony to maximise the effectiveness of her point with “the unicorn’s love” because this beautiful animal is mythological animal and was created by humans after Jesus left the world compared to the “rats” “giraffes” which are very real once again criticising males.

The poem Beautiful displays males a negative light throughout as media of men dismissed, the approaching power of women. Either of those could be used as feminist propaganda. Whatever makes women look better and men look worse.

The Virgins Memo

A lot of females are justifying what they do as being a feminist. But they are NOT feminists. They’re just jerks. Feminism now is covered in vague generalities and many attempts to get the message out are transforming into arguments, and is interpreted differently to multiple people and many are contradictory that general agreement seems to be bleak. Feminine Gospels is a female feel good book that boosts feminine morale by making males somewhat inferior to females.

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