Career as a Fire Fighter or EMT

Saving ives and helping people in trouble is very rewarding career. A fire fighter is a first responder to natural disasters, fires, and vehicle wrecks. A firefighter fights fires to prevent loss of life, and/or destruction of property and the environment. Firefighting is a highly technical skill that requires professionals who have had extinctive training in both general firefighting techniques and specialized areas of expertise. Fires can rapidly spread and endanger many lives; however, with modern firefighting techniques, catastrophe is usually, but not always, avoided.

Fire ighters’ goals are to save lives, property and the environment. The rewarding Job of saving a life ofa civilian is an important part of this career. Not one individual can fully extend their thanks to an individual that saves them at least another day alive. Work involves responsibility for the protection of life and property through firefighting and rescue operations, usually under close supervision. In large cities, firefighters may work on special squads that require advanced training.

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Firefighting and emergency rescue work, including the administration of first aid and emergency medical treatment. Employees are also required to learn and participate in the operation of firefighting equipment and apparatus. A major portion of time is spent on pre-flre surveys; training, studying methods, techniques and organization of firefighting and on routine duties in the care and maintenance of Fire ; Rescue Department property and equipment. Shifts involve an element of personal danger and require working on extended shifts.

Highly organized and extinctive training makes the proses of this Job preform smoothly.

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Employment of firefighters is expected to grow by nine percent, slower than the ostsecondary firefighter education and paramedic training should have the best prospects. Emergency rescue teams will undoubtable be necessary in the future for any growing town or city. The need for fire rescue will always increase on account of natural disasters and disasters caused by men. Prospective firefighters must be at least eighteen years old and high school graduates to take the fire exam.

In recent years, most applicants have had a few years of college or completed two- or four-year programs in fire science at community colleges or universities. Experienced firefighters sometimes take these courses to prepare for promotion. These courses are also useful for those preparing for Jobs as fire-science specialists. The firefighter exam includes a written section; tests of strength, physical stamina, and agility; and a medical examination, including a drug screening. Applicants with the highest scores undergo several weeks of formal training at an academy.

Some fire departments offer apprenticeship programs that last three or four years. Experienced firefighters go on practice drills to maintain their skills. I plan on attending the University of South Alabama to receive my four- year degree and EMT training. The University of South Alabama’s Center for Emergency

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