Cannabinoid Miracle Project Risk Analysis

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Company Overview

Cannabinoid miracle intends to start its growing business from February 2019, it is a Canadian pharmaceutical and cannabis company headquartered in lamington, Ontario.

Established in 2018, Cannabinoid miracle has developed from an administration authorized maker of medicinal cannabis and is applying license for a cannabis production.

Company will produce up to 2 strains within 6 months of becoming licensed producer. Company will have ability to vegetate up to 500 plants and flowers concurrently, will grow up to 11 different strains of cannabis and will have ability to grow from seedling to finished products.

Moreover, it will dry and process all cannabis into labelled/inventoried vacuum sealed bags before delivery to destination

Cannabinoid miracle goal is to become global leader in medical cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution. Company aspire to lead, legitimize and define the future of our industry by building the world’s most trusted cannabis company.


We sell two product classes: (1) dried cannabis, which incorporates entire blossom and ground bloom, and (2) cannabis extracts, which incorporates full-range and filtered oil drops and cases.

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The last items are changed over to bloom equal grams dependent on the sort and number of dried cannabis grams required to deliver extricated cannabis as cannabis oils

Target market

Our target market will be Germany, we pick this market in light of the fact that the demand of therapeutic cannabis helps with 300% from a year ago and number of patients utilizing cannabis oil is expanding quickly and Germany is at present confronting lack of cannabis items moreover, under draft law specialists can endorse cannabis for patients as it is legitimate in Germany ,so expanding interest and authorization of cannabis in Germany are the principle explanation behind which we might want to trade cannabis item in Germany.

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Country risk

We are dependent on our license under Canada’s Narcotic Control Regulations, or NCR, for our capacity to send out therapeutic cannabis items to and from indicated wards the world over, subject to acquiring, for every explicit shipment, a fare endorsement from Health Canada and an import endorsement from the appropriate administrative specialist in the nation to which the fare is being made. Our permit under the NCR is substantial until December 2019 and should be restored around then. Our capacity to work in our proposed office subject to our present approval for the development, import and fare of cannabis, and later on will be reliant on our pending approval for the make of cannabis items and GMP confirmation, by the Portuguese National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, or INFARMED. All licenses are liable to progressing consistence and announcing necessities and recharging. This permit is legitimate for a solitary developing season at any given moment and notice to INFARMED is expected to restore the permit for ensuing developing seasons.

Commercial risk

We depend on third- party distributors, including pharmaceutical distributors and other courier services, and may later on depend on other outsiders, to convey our items. In the event that these distribution don’t effectively do their legally binding obligations, if there is a deferral or interference in the appropriation of our items or if these outsiders harm our items, it could adversely affect our income from item deals. Any harm to our items, for example, item decay, could open us to potential item obligation, harm our notoriety and the notoriety of our brands or generally harm our business.

Foreign exchange risk

The reporting currency for our combined financial statements is the U.S. dollar. We determine a huge bit of our income and cause a critical part of our working expenses in Canada, and changes in return rates between the Canadian dollar and the U.S. dollar may have a huge, and conceivably antagonistic, impact on our consequences of tasks. Our essential danger of misfortune with respect to outside cash swapping scale hazard is caused by changes in the trade rates between the U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar, despite the fact that as we grow universally, we will be liable to extra outside money trade dangers. Since we perceive income in Canada in Canadian dollars, if the Canadian dollar debilitates against the U.S. dollar it would negatively affect our Canadian working endless supply of those outcomes into U.S. dollars for the motivations behind combination. Furthermore, a debilitating of the Canadian dollar against the U.S. dollar would make it more troublesome for us to meet our commitments under our acknowledge offices for Privateer Holdings. We have not verifiably occupied with supporting exchanges and don’t presently ponder taking part in supporting exchanges to moderate remote trade dangers. As we keep on perceiving additions and misfortunes in remote cash exchanges, contingent on changes in future money rates, such gains or misfortunes could have a noteworthy, and conceivably antagonistic, impact on our aftereffects of operations.

Financial analysis

We sell two product classifications: (1) dried cannabis, which incorporates entire flowers and ground flowers, and (2) cannabis extricates, which incorporates full-range and purged oil drops and containers. The last items are changed over to bloom proportionate grams dependent on the sort and number of dried cannabis grams required to deliver removed cannabis as cannabis oils. This transformation proportion depends on the measure of dynamic cannabinoids in the items instead of the volume of oil. For instance, our 40mL oil drops are changed over to five-gram counterparts.

Add up to kilogram reciprocals will be required to increment by 36% from 2019 to 2021 fundamentally because of increment quiet interest and development of our concentrate products.

The average net selling cost per gram is a pointer that demonstrates our estimating patterns after some time on a gram proportionate premise. We deduct income related with adornments and cargo deals from income to touch base at cannabis-related income. We figure normal net moving cost per gram by partitioning cannabis-related income by kilogram counterparts sold. Our dried blossom items are sold in Canada on a for every gram premise from C$6.00 to C$14.00 and our oil drops and containers are sold for C$35.00 to C$400.00. The costs of our items fluctuate as indicated by various distinctive components, the hugest factor of which is power. Premium valuing for our universal fare items additionally contributed positively to this measurement.

The average net selling cost per gram expanded by 21% from 2019to 2021, essentially because of the steady generation of high-power dried blossom and development in concentrate deals. , the normal net moving cost per gram expanded by 7%. The positive effects of high-intensity dried blossom, development in concentrate and universal deals were somewhat balanced by evaluating in our discount channel.

The average cost per gram sold estimates the proficiency in our development, assembling and satisfaction activities. We deduct stock changes and the expense of offers identified with extras from aggregate expense of offers to land at cannabis-related expense of offers. Cannabis-related expense of offers is then separated by aggregate kilogram reciprocals sold to compute the normal expense per gram sold.

The average cost per gram sold declined from $4.04 in 2019 to $2.84 in 2021, which speaks to an enhancement of 30%. The decrease in normal expense per gram sold was principally due to cannaboid miracle achieving full limit and expanded creation yields.

Revenue is contained deals to patients through the ACMPR program, mass deals to other Licensed Producers under the ACMPR and fare deals to outsider wholesalers, governments, healing facilities, drug stores and patients. Our items at present include: entire rose, ground bloom, full-range cannabis oils and containers, cleaned cannabis oils and cases and embellishments. Income is net of motivating forces, after limits and recompenses for our confirmation program and veteran’s inclusion program.

Revenue development was driven by expanded patient interest, mass deals to other Licensed Producers and discount appropriation in fare markets. In January 2019, we will dispatch high CBD oil drops, which helped drive separate deals in Canada. Our concentrate items income will be $5.193 million first year one year from now the income will increment by for the years 2021, add up to kilogram reciprocals sold will be increment by 421 kilograms, or 48%, when contrasted with year 2019 with 2020respectively. The normal net moving cost per gram expanded from $5.53 to $5.94 for the three years, separately. The positive factors that added to this measurement, which were higher power dried bloom and concentrate deals, were mostly counterbalanced by our income produced through the discount channel.

Cost of sales is predominantly contained three classifications: pre-reap, post-gather and shipment and satisfaction. Pre-reap costs incorporate work and direct materials to develop cannabis, which incorporates water electricity, supplements, coordinated irritation the board, developing supplies and apportioned overhead. Post-gather costs incorporate expenses related with drying, trimming, mixing, extraction, purging, quality testing and apportioned overhead. Shipment and satisfaction costs incorporate the expenses of bundling, marking, dispatch benefits and designated overhead. Add up to cost of offers likewise incorporates cost of offers related with embellishments and stock changes.

Research and development expense comprise of new item improvement, clinical preliminary costs, think about medication creation, quiet investigations and studies, pharmacokinetic studies, specialists and lawful costs. Innovative work costs likewise incorporate process and frameworks building in both generation and assembling angles.

Sales and marketing expenses essentially comprise of work force related costs, including pay rates, benefits, commissions for our representatives occupied with doctor and patient help, client administration and advertising. Deals and showcasing costs additionally incorporate business advancement expenses to help persistent, doctor, and merchant, healing center, drug store and government connections.

General and administrative charges consist of costs incurred in our company offices, primarily associated to personnel costs, which encompass salaries, variable compensation and benefits. General and administrative fees also consist of audit, legal, tax

Interest rate is related to loans from a third-party mortgage on our Cannaboid Miracle Nanaimo property and Privateer Holding’s debt facilities.

We are concern to income taxes in the jurisdictions the place we function or otherwise have a taxable presence. Consequently, profits tax rate is driven by means of the allocation of taxable profits to these jurisdictions. Activities carried out in each jurisdiction have an effect on the magnitude and timing of taxable events.

Financial ratios

The return on equity ratio how a great deal the owner and traders earn for their investment in the company. The greater the percentage, the higher return is.

Return on property gives a notion as to how environment friendly administration is at the use of it determine to generate earnings.

Profitability ratios are a type of monetary metrics that are used to assess a commercial enterprise potential to generate earnings as compared to its charges and different applicable fees incurred in the course of a specific length.


Payment Terms:

In this technique for installment you need to pay the measure of installment before the request. This is one of the most secure techniques for the cannabinoid miracle. There is a zero hazard for the exporter that is the reason we utilize this strategy for installment terms. This strategy for installment is slightest ideal for the shipper since they pay a lot of cash before the shipment. This is a standout amongst other installment strategies if the purchaser is agreed with this installment term we never go to the segment term else we search for the installment terms.

Documentary Letter Of Credit:

This is another technique for payment use by the cannabinoid miracle. In this technique for expense letter of credit issued by depend for the sake of shipper and bank guarantee to pay for the sake of merchant at a given date and time to exporter. Payment due date would be 30-120 days. Bank guarantees every one of the archives for payment authorization as indicated by the letter of credit terms. In this strategy for payment there is a little hazard for the exporter to lose his cash since bank is in charge of the repayments.


Break-even the original investment is a time when add up to benefit winds up equivalent to add up to costs. As it were, earn back the original investment is likewise a time when gain, and misfortune ends up equivalent. With the assistance of make back the initial investment point, we can do upgrades or advancement in our organization and inspire a few to expand our focuses.

To accomplish make back the initial investment our organization can send out units of dried cannabis to target advertise. On the off chance that we move our item with our pre plans, special designs, our organization cannabinoid miracle will get make back the initial investment in around initial three weeks.

Our organization needs to move an item with brand steadfastness and we additionally need to fulfill clients in target showcase by giving them best quality item by utilizing special technique like starting offer, regular postal mail strategy and presentation. Our organization will catch individual’s eye towards our thing dried cannabis.

At long last, we will endeavor to get client surveys about our item and we will do appropriate adjustments to make our item best and attempt to make humanity in our objective market.


Description Value

2019: –

  • Sale Price Per Unit $55
  • Variable Cost Per Unit $5
  • Total Fixed Cost 694515
  • Break Even Unit =694515/(55-5)= 13,890 Unit

2020: –

  • Sale Price Per Unit $70
  • Variable Cost Per Unit $6
  • Total Fixed Cost 1,097169
  • Break Even Unit =1,097169/(70-6)= 17143 Unit

2021: –

  • Sale Price Per Unit $80
  • Variable Cost Per Unit $8
  • Total Fixed Cost 1203500
  • Break Even Unit =1203500/(80-8)= 16715 Unit


To conclude, it very well may be inferred that from the fiscal summary we got current ratio is 4.4 which is higher as contrast with industry normal where it hints at positive organization. Debt ratio of our organization is 0.3 which implies half of benefits are financed on duty. Thus, it isn’t terrible for organization, yet organization should attempt to pay off its debt ratio in future years. Fixed Assets Turnover esteem for firm is 3.3 which is very nearly 33% when contrasted with industry normal (4.3) so this needs enhancement. As far as profit margin, our organization has 40% net revenue which is extremely noteworthy.

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