Life’s Greatest Miracle Essay

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Life’s Greatest Miracle

“Life’s Greatest Miracle”_ details the reproductive process from start to finish. It starts by discussing the crucial role DNA plays when it comes to reproduction, its so important due to DNA holding the chromosomes that give each human unique physical traits. From there they begin discussing the process of meiosis, the process of male sperm and female eggs. They describe sperm being more about quantity, whereas the female egg is all about quality. When the male sperm and a female egg meet, they create a union of chromosomes, taking unique traits from both the male and female, creating an individual that has unique traits.

The documentary also makes use of microimagery, which gives the viewer very detailed and real time photos of the process that is a new human life and what it looks like during the developmental phases. From this point, they begin discuss the journey sperm takes upon sexual intercourse and the difficult nature of fertilization. It is amazing to think, that at the very beginning of ones conception you are a single cell. A single tiny cell that nature and nurture takes over and the same tiny cells grow to be strong and powerful enough to produce bones, vital organs and a brain over the course of only nine months.

Throughout these entire discussions and processes, the documentary does not overwhelm you with scientific jargon and due to the nature of the subject; it was not as uncomfortable as one might then when watching. It also helped that during the entire documentary of the films and going through the scientific side of reproduction that they had a real time couple discussing their experience of pregnancy from start to finish. This made the material much easier to understand. These real life examples gave the documentary another dimension.

This was actually my third time watching this documentary, after watching it once in High School and again in a previous college class. Their wasn’t exactly a shock factor or the material didn’t overwhelm me, which is seems to do to many people when they first watch it. After watching it though, it provokes your thoughts about the concept of life and the wonders of how in nine short months; two people can create a new life.

Overall the material of reproduction, I agree with. I mean what is there to disagree with exactly? Reproduction is a scientific process like it or not. Yes, there are some unknowns and minor details that we might never find out. Unless you have some of your own beliefs about reproduction and life I just don’t see or understand how somebody could disagree and argue with the science and knowledge we have established in the process of reproduction. Also the video does increase the viewers’ knowledge of our beginnings. Many people know the concept of reproduction, and man has sexual intercourse with a women and if she is fertile, a baby can be conceived, whoever the documentary breaks down the science behind reproduction in detail, but like a stated previously they do an excellent job of not overwhelming the viewer with scientific jargon and the real-life couple they have speaking about their own pregnancy from beginning to birth makes it much easier to understand.

Yes, I would recommend this video to another group of students. It was an excellent documentary on the process of reproduction and development. I would recommend this to be watched by future diversity classes and defiantly any type of sexuality class. The material is very informative, and something that any mature class can watch and understand without any issues.

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