What a miracle is for example nature

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Many people have different opinions as to what a miracle is for example nature. People would say that nature is a miracle because although you can explain how plants grow, and what hey are made up of no one can make a plant without actually having a seed from a plant. Plants are a part of humans’ life cycle, they help us to breathe, and we use them, as a source for medicine and many other things personally I don’t believe that anyone can ever explain to me how that can be.

I asked some people what they thought a miracle was and a lot of people said that they thought the birth of a baby was a miracle. Although we all know how babies are made, when someone actually has a child of their own it seems like a miracle. If you think about a little egg, growing and growing in the mothers womb for nine months and in that space of time they develop fingers, eyes a nose and all the organs of the body to become an actual human being that is a wonderful and miraculous event.

  • People also believe that inventions or developments in science are miracles because things that were impossible a few years ago are now apart of our daily lives. Things like mobile phones and computers were probably never even dreamt of by people hundreds of years ago but today they are a major part in our lives.
  • Although they are amazing inventions they only seem like miracles because we do not fully understand them.

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    To the person that invented them or to a heart surgeon they are just simple.

Today there are still some people who are thought to be miracle workers who God works through. Padre Pio is an example of a miracle worker.

Early years of Padre Pio

Padre Pio was born on May 25, 1887. He was baptised Francis. Even as a child he had extraordinary gifts. While his brothers and sisters played, he prayed.

When he was a teenager he received a present of chestnuts wrapped in a bag. He returned the bag to woman who sent it to him. The woman saved the bag, she thought it might be worth something in the future. One day the woman was in her barn when a spark ignited powder and there was a terrible explosion. She was in great pain, and bleeding from a serious wound. She remembered the bag and placed it on the wound. She was instantly cured. This was the first miracle God performed through Padre Pio, he was 13 years old. At the age of 15 Padre Pio entered the Capuchins despite the fact that he was in bad health. One day he heard a voice from the tabernacle: “You will be scourged, crown with thorns and nailed to the cross like St. Francis.” In 1910 Padre Pio was ordained a priest. On September 20, 1918 he received the invisible wounds of Christ.

He was praying in front of a crucifix when a beautiful light shone from the tabernacle. Christ as a radiant young man moved towards Padre Pio. Rays of light from Our Savior’s wounds transferred themselves to Padre Pio. The friars found him on the floor and took him to his room. They became aware of the large wounds he had in his hands and feet as well as the left side of his chest. From that time on the wounds never changed, and never stopped bleeding. The news of this awesome wonder spread all over the world. He was examined by the scientists over and over. They could not explain the wounds which neither healed nor expanded.

One woman asked him, “Father Pio, do they ache?” He replied, “Just as though you took a nail, drove it into the hand and turned it round. Of the wounds Padre Pio said, “These are flames of Divine love: I suffer gladly.” He, like Christ, suffered for the conversion of sinners.

When Padre Pio said Mass he took off his woolen gloves. He often went in and out of ecstasy. He would weep and sob. There was a special handkerchief placed on the altar called a tear cloth. During the consecration his body shook with pain. Blood trickled down from the wounds of his hands. The consecration lasted about 5 minutes. When he received Holy Communion he usually went into ecstasy. He looked radiant. People came by the thousands to attend his Masses.

This is a man who healed literally thousands who could read souls. This is a man who suffered legitimate stigmata — deep wounds that bled until they miraculously healed upon his death. This is a priest who could predict the future and could see into heaven and led many to the faith.

An example of one of the miraculous things

An example of one of the miraculous things that he done was during World War Two. Pilots seeking to bomb the vicinity of San Giovanni Rotundo, where he lived, time and time again recounted how they had been unable to bomb the area after spotting the apparition of a monk — at times a towering apparition — in the clouds.

His canonization miracle involved the cure of Matteo Pio Colella, age 7; the son of a doctor who works in the House for Relief of Suffering, the hospital in San Giovanni Rotondo founded by Padre Pio. On the night of 20 June 2000, Matteo was admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital with meningitis. By morning doctors had lost hope for him as nine of the boys internal organs had ceased to give signs of life. That night, during a prayer vigil attended by Matteo�s mother and some Capuchin friars of Padre Pio’s monastery, the child’s condition improved suddenly. When he awoke from the coma, Matteo said that he had seen an elderly man with a white beard and a long, brown habit, who said to him: “Don’t worry, you will soon be cured.” The miracle was approved by the Congregation and Pope John Paul II on 20 December 2001.

On June 16, 2002, over 500,000 Padre Pio devotees gathered in Rome to witness Pope John Paul II proclaim Padre Pio, Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. The Padre Pio Foundation and many benefactors travelled to Rome, San Giovanni Roton do, Pietrelcina, Piana Romana and many other holy places to celebrate Padre Pio’s Canonization.

Personally I don’t think the fact that Padre Pio had stigmata was a miracle I don’t believe that anyone else except God himself could suffer for our sins because we are all sinners. Jesus died on the cross to forgive us for our sins and I believe he is our one saviour.

However I am not saying all of the miracles the padre pio did were in veign. I do believe that God can use people to do heal people and carry out his work like the disciples. Padre pio was an extrodanary man to be able to do the things he did. The only thing that I don’t really agree with is that from what I have researched, people seem to be looking to Padre Pio as the divine one.

I have only once seen someone write that God worked through padre pio in order for him to do the work that he done. It seems like people think that padre pio performed these miracles by his own accord but it is only through Christ that he could perform in such a way. So the fact that there is a pray to Padre Pio I believe is defeating what God intended to happen if the stigmata was actually to bring people closer to christ. If People are praying to Padre pio how can they develop there own relationship with God. God wants to have a personal relationship with each and everyone of us. Jesus christ was sent to earth to be the intercessor with Christ and human beings.

The miracles of Jesus

Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles, giving examples from Luke. In Jesus time most people believed in miracles so this is why I believe miracles played a big part in Jesus’ ministry.

In Luke Jesus is shown as a miracle worker performing many different types of miracles. There are four types of miracles that Jesus performed:

  • Healing miracles- Performing these types of miracles showed Gods love for everyone. There were many illnesses in those days that were unexplained. So when people fell ill they were often outcast and abandoned. The fact that Jesus spent time to heal them showed that he was loving and caring.
  • Resurrection – Raising people from the dead showed how powerful and magnificent God was. It showed that nothing could separate them from Gods love.
  • Casting out Demons- In those days when people had demons in them it meant that the devil was in them so when Jesus cast them out it showed that the devil could not conquer God, and that God was stronger and more powerful than him.
  • Power over nature- this showed that God can do great and wonderful things that were seen as impossible to man.

Jesus raises a widow’s son

This miracle shows power over death

Jesus had just arrived in a town called Nain where a funeral was taking place. An only son of a widow had died and many people from the town were there. When Jesus saw he felt pity for the woman and told her not to cry. Jesus walked over to the coffin and touched it he said ” young man! Get up, I tell you!” Then the man got up and began to talk. Everyone started rejoicing and the news spread throughout the country and the surrounding territory.

This miracle is showing not only Gods power over death but his love for people. In the story its says that Jesus felt pity for the woman. This shows that Jesus meets our needs. In those days women were seen as nothing without a man, so Jesus knew how important having the son was to the woman. The fact that he gave her back her son , shows how much God wants us to be happy and how much he loves us. This is a message for Jesus followers today too it means that we should always be willing to help people and do things that make a good impact on peoples life because then we will be able to lead them to Christ. Also it helps Christians today because helps them to realize that Jesus will cater for our needs.

A Man with an Evil Spirit

This is a miracle about Jesus’ power over Demons

Jesus was teaching in Capernaum, a town in Galilee, where he was teaching about the Sabbath. He impressed the people because he spoke with such authority. A man came out of the synagogue that was possessed by an evil demon. He screamed out “What out what do you want with us Jesus of Nazareth? Are you here to destroy us? I know you are: you are Gods holy messenger!” Jesus ordered the spirit to be quiet and come out of the man and it did.

The people were amazed and were astonished that Jesus could order evil spirits and they would listen.

I think this is a really powerful miracle because it shows that even evil spirits recognized that Jesus was Gods holy messenger and that he had the power to destroy them. It shows that even evil it self knows that it can not defeat God. It showed the people who were around Jesus at the time that he wasn’t just a normal man but he did have authority over not just humans but spirits as well.

Jesus Calms a Storm

The disciples and Jesus were in a boat and were sailing across to the other side of the lake. Jesus fell asleep and while he was sleeping a great storm came filling the boat with water. The disciples were scared and they woke Jesus up saying that they wee going to die. Jesus got up and ordered the winds and the waves to calm down and they did. Jesus then said to the disciples where is your faith. The disciples were amazed at what they had seen.

This miracle shows that Jesus had power over the wind and the waves he commanded them to calm down and they did. Jesus again tended to people’s needs the disciples asked him to calm the storm and that is what he did. Jesus asked his disciples “where is your faith” this shows that Jesus wanted the disciples to have the same faith that he had that the storm would calm down and everything would be fine. This miracle also has a message for Christians today. Our lives as Christians are not always going to be smooth, problems will come but we must have faith that if we call upon Jesus he will calm our storms.

*There was no doubt that Luke thought Jesus’ miracles were important. They were signs of Gods power and Gods Kingdom. They showed who Jesus was. They showed he was not just a man of words-he was the Son of God.

Healing miracles

Healing miracles are very important for Christians today, because they help us to see how powerful and loving Jesus really was. The miracles were signs of Gods salvation they, showed God saving the lost and the outcast.

In the healing miracle about the woman with a Hemorrhage there are messages for Christians today.

From this miracle you can see some characteristics of Jesus. Jesus felt the woman touch his clothes although there were so many people around and they all probably touched him but he knew there was something special about this touch. Jesus treated the woman as an individual and decided to stop what he was doing just for her. He could have just carried but because he is so loving and caring he decided to stop just to help this woman. As Christians today this can be comforting because we know that although there are millions of people on this earth God will treat us all as individuals and take care of our every need.

This also applies to the way Christians are with non-Christians. Our job on earth is to try and bring people to the kingdom of God by following Jesus example. So like Jesus we should meet people where they are and attend to there need then bring them to God.

Another message you can get from this Miracle is about faith. Jesus could have just carried on walking and the woman still would have been healed, but he wanted to let the woman know that he recognized her from all of these people, and also he wanted to let everyone else realize that it was faith that made her well. As Christians we will go through hardship, we might do wrong things and people might condemn us for it but we must believe that through Jesus Christ everything will be all right.

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