Bystander Effect Essay

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Bystander Effect

Psychology Interview Questionnaire
1. What is the bystander effect/diffusion of responsibility in your own opinion? 2. What is the Malaysian’s level of awareness towards the bystander effect? 3. How is the ‘bystander effect’ situation in Malaysia at the moment? 4. What are the factors that cause the bystander effect?

5. What triggers someone to help only after they see another person take action first? 6. Does time factor play an important role when such occurrence takes place? Will it happen only at night or during peak hours only? 7. What are the typical scenarios that can lead to the bystander effect? 8. Why are people biased when giving a helping hand, for example they would help those who are in the higher class society rather than your normal average citizen? 9. What is the effect of the bystander effect towards the society? 10. What is the effect of the bystander effect towards the victim?

11. Through the effects stated, will there be a prolonged/long term implication towards the victim and the society after the effects have taken place? 12. Does the bystander effect contribute to the increasing number of crime as criminals nowadays are braver and know that our society today has a bystander mind set? 13. What are the ways to counter or put an end to this problem? 14. What are the ways the authority can do to create awareness of the bystander effect? 15. Why people should overcome the diffusion of responsibility when they are put in a certain scenario? 16. Why is it important for someone to be educated about the bystander effect?

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