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Business Structure Advice Before You Start A Business

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Essay, Pages 2 (460 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (460 words)

Your argue audience is the core of your business. Before you start a business, conduct a market survey about what Is most Important to the customer. This survey should help you decide about a location also. Determine your price. Pricing does not cover the cost alone, you must generate a profit for the business: cover each and every aspect of the business. The core of starting a new business is the startup money. There are several ways a new business can be financed: small business loans, personal assets and savings, partnerships, or limited partners (if you are considering a larger business).

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Determine the legal form of the business entity. This tells you which form of taxes you will file; Income Tax, Self Employment Tax, Taxes for Employees, or Excise Taxes. Create and register the name of the business. Advantages of Each Business Structure Sole Proprietorship is not a legal entity; however, it is the easiest (less complicated), least expensive startup, with the fewest forms and regulations.

You are your own boss and make all the business decisions. The sole owner is responsible for taxes filed on a standard Form 1040, Schedule C.

A Partnership shares every aspect of the equines (Investment, business decisions, profits. And losses) equally with few formalities. Partnerships are relatively easy to start because there is more capital available. It is recommended to have a lawyer create a legal contract between partners. A new partner is not held responsible for obligations prior to admission. Each partner claims profit or loss on individual tax Form 1065.

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A limited partner invests In the company, but does not participate In Its operation. A Corporation Is the most complex structure.

A general corporation Is the most common; the company Is a operate legal entity. It Is easier to obtain loans because the owners personal assets are protected from business debt or liability. There are different types of corporations: Chapter S corporation, used by small business owners preferring to be taxed as a sole proprietor or partner, combines tax advantages with the limited liability of corporation structure. C corporation pays taxes at the corporate level with the possibility of double taxation (the corporation Is taxed, and the Individual Is taxed also).

The Limited Allowably Company (LLC) Is not a corporation. It combines flexibility fewer formalities than a corporation), liability protection, and pass-through taxation (it can be taxed as a partnership or a corporation). Disadvantages of Each Business Structure Sole Proprietorship: The owner is directly liable for everything. If injury or illness occurs, the owner cannot collect unemployment, disability, or compensation. If a lawsuit is filed the owner may lose all personal assets. Partnership: Unlimited liability for debts of the business. Conflicts, disagreements, and friction are common (about how to run the company).

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