Ten of Marijuana infused Beers that you should try at least once before you die

A celebration isn’t a celebration without a drink to sip or gulp, and beers are the way to go! Or maybe ale? Or maybe something brewed? Oh Wait! They’re the same thing! Or maybe hemp and beer? How about Marijuana infused beer? That sounded so much better! With the plant seeing the light of legalization, people in the field of business are finding ways and means of making profit out the golden plant and breweries won’t be the last to dig in.

Here are Ten of Marijuana infused Beers that you should try at least once before you die.

  1. Two Flowers IPA (Two Flowers Infused Indian Pale Ale)
  2. Brewed by Coalition Brewing, the leading brewery in Oregon, The Two Flowers is the first commercially produced Cannabis infused beer in Oregon, and when we say cannabis infused it is Cannabidiol infused or that of which we call CBD and no, it won’t get you high nor would it get you arrested as it will not show up on drug test results.

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    So why have they come up with this idea? Well two flowers is technically what the Coalition Brewing calls the ‘kissing of cousins’, cousins referring to the two plants (Two Flowers): The Hemp and Hops, creating a balanced flavor of a slightly bitter and citrusy taste and an aromatic after smell.

  3. Long Trail Honey IPA (Long Trail Honey Indian Pale Ale)
  4. From the makers of CBD Infused honey and cheese plates, The Vermont Brewery, hopped in to the growing bandwagon of brewing CBD Infused ales, producing the Medicator and the Long Trail Honey Infused Indian Pale Ale.

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    Unfortunately, as per current reports, Vermont Brewery has stopped producing these products for the time being but are looking forward to being able to serve the beer once more and soon.

  5. Hemp Ale or the Humboldt Brown
  6. As straight forward as the name is, the Hemp Ale is a genius product of Humboldt Brewing Co. Bragging of winning numerous awards which includes bagging or taking home a gold medal at a Los Angeles County Fair. The Hemp ale is made from toasted Hemp seeds creating a unique herbal flavor that definitely won’t get you high but lets you get a taste of heaven.

  7. The Stoner Duck Brown Hemp Ale
  8. The Stoner Duck Hemp Ale is a product of Venice Duck Brewery, it comes with a very cool packaging, great marketing and of course a delightful taste. Offering its drinkers of a nutty, caramel like after taste with toasted malt and the mild tea-like aroma brought by just the right amount hemp.

  9. General Washington’s Secret Stash
  10. Not really a secret but the name adds a little controversy and keeps the drinkers and the stoners curious. This beer is brewed by Dad and Dude’s Breweria, located in Colorado and owned by a Dad and Son tandem, hence the name Dad and Dude’s. General Washington’s Secret Stash contains CBD and not THC, which technically aids your body as it is medicinal. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds with this one.

  11. Hopportunity Knocks
  12. So what you gonna do when Hopportunity Knocks? You open the damn bottle! Kidding aside, Hopportunity Knocks is a product of Caldera Brewing Company. An American ale (which is a far cry from the common Indian Pale Ale that we’ve been noticing through out this blog) infused with hemp. It comes with a hippy label fit for its taste and aroma which is grapefruit and grassy and a little bit of bitterness to add some kick.

  13. The Hemperor HPA
  14. As great as it’s name origin Hemp Emperor, the Hemperor boasts of a 7 percent ABV HPA (HPA stands for Hemp Pale Ale). Creating a new flavor to the growing family of CBD Infused ales and claiming to have perfected the union of both Hops and Hemp. The Hemperor is a product of New Belgium Brewing Co. Feel free to test this emperor’s strength!

  15. Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale
  16. Sweetwater Brewing has never been the one to shy off from their support about Weed thus labeling their premium beers with 420 on its labels. The Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale gives you an added kick to your usual ale with no dangers of getting high, only getting drunk!

  17. Fitger’s Homegrown Hempen Ale
  18. The ‘Gateway Beer’ as what this ale’s brewing company, Fitger’s Brewhouse, would call it, contains no traces of THC but can be very addictive, addictive to taste. Made and brewed with toasted hemp seeds, this ale gives you a nice change of flavor when compared to your regular beers.

  19. The Cherry Kush
  20. The Cherry Kush is a variety of the Golden State of Mind, brewed without hops giving out the same Citrusy California Taste with a twist of Cherry. Not your usual ladies’ drink but sure is flavorful.

So in no order or whatsoever we’ve given you our ten picks for Marijuana Beers. Though called as Marijuana Beers, this alcoholic beverage won’t get you high as these drinks DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT contain THC and only contains CBD which is a very helpful element coming from Marijuana. These beers may not get you high but they can get you drunk, so Drink Moderately!

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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