Tech-Infused Education: From Primary to Higher Studies

Ossifying edification caliber with technological immersion from primary to higher studies

Development theories are assortment of principles that works on how anticipated amendments in society are greatest achieved. To transform society industriously modernization theory is one of those. It's a procedure where scientific knowledge is familiarized into the society with the decisive resolution of triumphing a better and more satisfactory life in the broadcast sense of the term as acknowledged by the culture apprehension (Alatas, 1975). Education is one of the most significant tools that can make a person modern and society economical.

According to Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." To make a person adroit and technologically advanced edification structure should be modernized. Society, tradition, norms are fluctuating day by day. At present, people are toiling on amplifying the economic infrastructure to make society dynamic.

The economy of Bangladesh is budding day by day (GDP growth rate of FY 2017-18 7.86% to 8.

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13% in FY 2018-19) and the consequence is to step upon the developing country (Ovi, 2019). Education is one of the most pivotal tools to make one state's economy swift. Government is focusing on inputting technological elements and acquaintances to make apprentices knowledgeable and dexterous to engulf future labor market lacuna. The National Education Policy 2010 was enacted for sustainable development of our edification sector. Among the aims and objectives of National Education Policy 2010, diffusing ICT in education is one of them (Reza, 2017). In addition, government is arranging multimedia classrooms in primary sector of the edification.

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So, technological stimulus is inputted by government day by day in education sector of Bangladesh to make students modern for changing the society towards a positive growth.

To generate science based, pro-active generation, non-communal and dynamic education system is being progressed. Currently, the administration has already been worked vastly in every wings of the edification in the mood of ICT oriented and patterns, such as, multimedia classroom have been commenced in 4,500 primary schools and 33000 secondary, higher secondary and higher level institutions. In addition, 21 lakhs educators are affianced with this coordination and 7.5 million apprentices are attaining superior classroom performance of teaching-learning techniques (Rashid, 2019). To nourish this segment, approximately 20,000 computer labs have been established, 1,700 computers have just been provided to the foundations and numerous educators have been given outside preparing on ICT. ICT Training and Resource Center (UTTRCE) in 125 upazilas has been erected. From this ICT Center 37 thousand instructors had been given ICT training during the year 2017-18. To support edification and information technology 17 ICT portable van propelled, 19 Digital Language Laboratories have been fabricated. Computer Aided Learning (CAL) program, as a pilot venture, is being worked in 50 schools (Rashid, 2019).

Initially, teachers were delivered training in English, Mathematics and Science. Based on topics, CD's containing interactive animated materials for different grades were made to provide knowledge in multimedia classroom. 57,338 instructors have been given formulating in making computerized substance based class with sight and sound. Computer Lab has been constructed in 100 organizations of the Dhaka city through the venture of KOICA, Microsoft-based Partners in Learning (PIL) program expects to ensue with the computer preparing program for the educators. Under the Secondary Education Sector Investment Program (SESIP), ICT Learning Center (ILC) has been set up in 640 optional and higher auxiliary dimension instructive establishments the nation over (Rashid, 2019). It is welcome that the administration is putting accentuation on technical and vocational edification in the nation. As of late, it has taken up a TK 1,534cr task for specialized schools and universities the whole way across the nation for creating skilled and efficient human asset.

To make a student modern government endeavors to renovate the educational edifice from traditional to technological. Dexterous and tech savvy apprentices will be adroit assets for the state. Analyzing, critical thinking, innovation etc. skilled students can amend the society in optimistic and preemptive approaches so that social prosperity will be more fecund and intensifying.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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