What kind of business would you like to start?

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There is a dream I always consider and want it to come true. It is the dream of doing my own business, a huge and luxury business. You guess what, it is the hotel business. This kind of business can be running anywhere, especially at the tourism places. You can get a big income if you are the owner of the hotel. Every tourist needs a place to stay overnight and put their luggage. I want my hotel at least 4 star in grade; I would make sure that system is follow as what I plan to.

I would employ more than 50 workers at the beginning; no less than 10 workers are linguist. Besides that, I would like to make my hotel name as “Premier Lord Hotel”. I put this name because I want the customer feel our hotel services, luxury and environment are good. I would love to make this business be an international business after 5 years I managed it, first branch of my hotel location is United Kingdom.

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After I got a branch of my hotel, I would like to start more investment in nightlife business such as pub, clubbing and others.

Other than that, my next target is to make a business same as Microsoft. Technology is obviously important to the people now, I like high tech things and I am one of them too. Thus, why don’t I make a new high tech production to gain more money? I would hire the talented people for invent something new to high tech products.

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I would also sponsor the people who could help my business to continue study and acknowledging more. However, I really hope this ambition can be true someday.

As long as I live on, I often remind myself that I have to do something different and be well-known in future. I don’t want other people to look me down and critique me. I want to be qualified to critique people and they aren’t. In this world, if you are a rich man then all people will treat you good. Instead, if you are a poor man then all people will never treat you good. We must always remember this world is realistic and don’t trust people so easily.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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