Business and Market Strategy of NIKE Company

Executive Summary

This report analyses the entire business and market strategy of NIKE. It usually focuses on the mission and vision statement of the organization. Apart from this, the key success factors and critical issues are also described with some examples. Market strategy includes with objectives, targeting and integrated marketing communication strategy that show the whole success of Nike. Moreover, some constructive recommendations are added in this business report which describes the future goal of the organization.


NIKE, Inc. is about developments and revelation by giving the items and encounters to competitors.

Nike was established by University of Oregon track competitor Phil Knight and his mentor Bill Bowerman in January 1964. Its unique name was Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). The organization at first worked as a wholesaler for Japanese shoemaker Onitsuka Tiger, which meet Knight’s car. (Nike Inc., 2016)

In 1964, BRS sold 1,300 arrangements of Japanese running shoes netting $8,000. After that the primary retail location, it got extended in various locales as in the East Coast, in Wellesley.

(Catalog, 2001)

After that in 1971, the relationship of BRS and Onitsuka Tiger was arriving at end and BRS made its very own line of footwear, which incorporated the Swoosh arranged via Carolyn Davidson. So the Swoosh was used by Nike in 1971.

After that Nike had introduced itself as a main brand in U.S. athletic market and secured half of its piece of the pie. Likewise, Nike with the relationship with Wieden Kennedy made different advertising correspondence approaches to achieve the client and to make them mindful about items.

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By 1980s, it made relationship of diversions with its item’s contributions to its objective market. (Wightman-Stone, 2015)

Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

‘To carry motivation and advancement to each competitor on the planet’ If you have a body, you are a competitor.

Vision Statement

‘The Nike objective is to carry on his heritage of imaginative deduction, regardless of whether to create items that help competitors of each degree of capacity to achieve their potential, or to make business openings that set Nike apart from the challenge and offer some benefit for our investors.’

Business Analysis

Market Overview

Nike consolidation is the words driving games footwear and Apparel Company. The primary Nike brand is generally focused towards the competitors, selling related items, for example, shoes, brandishing hardware’s and garments. In the course of recent years the Athlete and outdoor supplies fabricating industry has expected to ease back development as indicated by the unobtrusive development in the games cooperation rate. The Demand for outdoor supplies is expanding over the period. In the following five years to 2020 purchaser will turns out to be more wellbeing cognizant, which will gauge interest for Athlete equipment’s. This Athlete industry is exceedingly divided and described by the abnormal state of rivalry.

While the top players of competitor industry are relied upon to involve less 20.0% of all out-industry income in 2015 like one of the players is Nike which uses solid brand mindfulness among buyers to pick up piece of the pie. Likewise, few outdoor supplies maker have vertically coordinated activities, which incorporates the showcasing, assembling, structuring and retailing forms in their tasks. Nike is utilizing the vertical activities to look at the shopper patterns and to execute new advancements. (Athletic and Sporting Goods Manufacturing in the US: Market Research Report, 2015)

In this day and age market of game merchandise is expanding and this market is exceedingly developing in U.S. when contrasted with different nations and it has been anticipated in excess of 63 billion in U.S in 2014. Buyers buy various items, for example, athletic footwear, authorized games stock athletic clothing, practice gear yet they are excluded in recreational transportation. A significant number of the items, for example, outdoor supplies are sold through online channels over the web and have most astounding development in piece of the pie of dispersion channels. In spite of having on the web channels individuals increasingly over want to shop in stores for game merchandise in 2013. Overall Nike and Adidas are having most prominent income just as market pioneers in outdoor supplies industry and assembling with 27.8 and 20 billion U.S dollars individually. (Outdoor supplies Industry – Statistics and Facts, 2014)


The fundamental contenders consistently of Nike are Reebok and Adidas and their item are not by any means not quite the same as Nike’s items, as all items associated with the structure and showcasing of both athletic footwear and attire and for wellness extends yet Nike is having separation and competency in the zone of promoting. Nike consistently makes the customer brand mindfulness and has solid brand control for quite a while and furthermore makes a situation in the market. Nike is having the no 1 situate which can’t be supplanted by its rivals so effectively because of its enduring Slogan ‘Do what needs to be done’ and images ‘Swoosh’ and their games symbols are unmistakable for target group of spectators.

There are two extraordinary characteristics which makes unmistakable competency for Nike are its failure to be imitated and the worth or advantage which they offer to its purchasers. As Nike is the coordinated piece of the American and world culture, the brand power is fundamentally expanded and hard to recreate. Barely any organizations have with the end goal that picture and assets to advance their organization as Nike do. As the inspirational Slogan of Nike seems to be ‘Do what needs to be done’ with the showcasing efforts which accentuation the wellness, rivalry and sportsmanship, buyers having the high caliber-based items and a soul of accomplishing the certainty where more youthful buyers can get advantage from the positive impact. (Deng, 2009)

Environment Analysis-Pest Analysis


  1.  There are laborer rights and representative laws which influence the Nike’s inner strategies It has positive government arrangements which bolster it in expanding their development prospects particularly in US.
  2. The surroundings lawful issues influence it and are taken care of by Nike itself.
  3.  Nike can accept assistance from government just as from outside nations which have positive association with Nike in making the items.


  1. Nike get sponsorship from various organizations.
  2.  Nike can be the path in making new occupations when their higher development in economy Due to monetary downturn customers can be influenced and it can lessen shopper certainty towards results of Nike.
  3. There can be danger of cash, loan fee and trade rates for Nike’s item Increasing material costs and work cost underway nations or re-appropriating for expanding the expectations for everyday comforts can likewise influence Nike’s item deals.


  1.  Consumers are ending up increasingly faithful towards the brand and getting to be brand cognizant that can be profitable for Nike
  2. Changes in way of life wellbeing mindfulness, sport interest which is expanding the interest of game items
  3. Increasing piece of the overall industry of female clients can likewise be open door for Nike
  4. Consumers inclinations and request are being enhanced subsequently Nike can widen its item run


  1. Innovation influences Nike since it joins it in its items.
  2. Through innovation it makes very creative items as shoe development/plan.
  3. It can make portable application and various offices and site from which clients can do internet shopping through new computerized patterns. (Hanrahan, 2002)

Key Success Factors and Critical Issues

Key success factors of Nike are:

  1.  One of a sort It gives special incentive to clients having its own look/custom items.
  2. We know you-It knows just as comprehends individuals’ accounts/comprehends competitor’s needs.
  3. Access-Its items are found all over.
  4. Design-It has unmistakable, regarded logo, shoe and apparel feel.
  5. Convenience-It has internet shopping, overall retailers.
  6.  Nike has effective development teaming up with different organizations inside game and different wellness industry
  7. Having Stylist highlights and imaginative items which incorporates: ·Different hues and structures of items;  ·It has various items one can’t fit other;  ·It has quiet alert, water confirmation items, and rest observing of its items.
  8. Financial manageability of Nike includes : · Strong history of unions as having solid organization with Apple;  · It has high spending plan in showcasing; · Having capacity to grow new and inventive items in house with negligible hazard; · Nike was the first in the market regarding background and innovation.
  9. The achievement shelter three things Leadership, individuals and procedures which give quality items auspicious (, 2014)

Key critical issues:

  1.  One primary issue of Nike Corporation is it is driving and arranging without legitimate administration the organization is experiencing youngster hood work.
  2.  It has negative media consideration because of which it might lose notoriety.
  3. Has flaw of poor production line conditions and ecological issues.
  4.  It has been accused of deserting destinations.
  5. The Nike items have turned out to be equivalent with slave wage, they just pay specialist with the lowest pay permitted by law from which they can just satisfy their fundamental necessities, constrained additional time and abstract maltreatment.
  6.  Suppliers are having covered and clashing issues from different clients so can be issue for Nike redistributing procedure. (Wilsey, M., and Lichtig, S.)

Marketing Strategy


  • To increment the 3-4% gainfulness in every one of its product offerings (for example expanding deals development by 10% every year)
  • To Increase showcasing correspondence strategies
  • To produce quality and minimal effort items
  • To fulfill the needs and prerequisites of target advertise (tennis shoes for youthful and seniority customers)
  • To make supportable advancement of item worldwide (increasing the piece of the overall industry in center east)
  • To apply ceaseless showcasing systems to widen its item extend (expanding oxygen consuming items)


With respect to showcase division, Nike has specialty market to serve that is Nike centers and targets competitor or sportsperson section and gives expected items to them as footwear and clothing items, which have very explicit and one of some element when contrasted with other footwear items.

Following are some objective systems of Nike:

Its objective systems incorporate forceful promoting to make mindful its objective purchasers about its item and even Nike make its objective buyers empower to get their ideal items through customization process as possess mark shoe is offered to competitor that is it empowered Michael Jordan to have his name Jordan shoes.

Aside from this, it focusing on systems incorporate sponsorship of its items through games group or big names. It has goal of styling its item through mental strategies on target showcase by connecting triumph with attire that is items are seen as triumph when sponsorship is finished by competitor big names (Marketing methodology of Nike)

Another focusing on system is Nike broadly educating built up in 1989 which caters all the competitor members everywhere throughout the world and trains distinctive game exercises which has additionally progressed toward becoming approach to make its objective market fulfilled.

IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) Strategy


In the publicizing, Nike’s very own objective is to accomplish the best conceivable effect on huge populaces of the intended interest group. These promotions are typically costly. Be that as it may, effectively connected a solid brand picture of Nike items can receive the benefits and intense interest.

Nike utilizes famous people speak to item to the customer or perfect client. Amazingly famous characters, for example, proficient competitors utilized as offering the Nike’s items. Target clients are viewing their preferred VIPs utilize the organization’s items. Thus, clients are roused to emulate the conduct of these VIPs. Using advertisement figure known showcasing correspondence blend, Nike is elevating the organization’s items to clients how to persuade your decision to impersonate the well-known Celebrities. (Nike Marketing Communication).

Personal Selling

For this IMC procedure, Nike has in stores individual deals endeavors. The stores offer staff’s assistance for clients to get familiar with the organization’s items and to buy these items. Now and again, deals staff causes clients to locate the correct items to advance the Nike Company through customized administration.

The client experience has been created by staff prepared to help and induce deals. Clients like purchasing Nike items. They likewise sell these items which clients feel as having better choices. Along these lines, the blend of Nike’s showcasing correspondence while advancing the organization’s items, improves client experience and utilize individual offering to construct associations with clients (Nike promoting interchanges blend).

Direct Marketing

Nike uses direct advertising to elevate new items to the objective market. These new items are typically publicized intensely. In any case, to have a greater effect, the firm uses sales reps to approach certain associations or people in target market portions. As the Nike methodologies sports associations in schools to advance its items. Nike’s promoting interchanges blend uses direct showcasing to set up more grounded relations with target clients and propel them to buy the organization’s items.

Sale Promotions

Nike’s business advancements incorporate coupons and uncommon ideas to clients which it targets. The attributes of these items business and its advantages can be as markdown coupons can make clients to spare and by utilizing extraordinary offers new things are offered to clients, demonstrating deals advancements empower clients to be roused. Advertising correspondence blend utilizes deals advancements at whatever point Nike need to draw in new clients to drive request, since they would be spurred to purchase the results of Nike based on the apparent advantages (nike showcasing interchanges blend).

Public Relation

Nike infrequently utilized advertising as promoting correspondence blend or IMC system. The organization relies upon social issues, for example, the utilization of workshops and green innovation that utilization advertising to adapt. Now and again, Nike may utilize comparable philanthropy occasions and advertising exercises as a support. This is the Nike correspondence blend of existing and potential clients advertising, so they have a superior view of the brand, the brand uses to take care of issues and advance advertising (Nike showcasing interchanges blend).

Implementation and Contingency Plan

Implementation of Marketing Plan

Nike can guarantee its right advertising arrangement through controlling strategies of top administration and with appropriate direction to all divisions of association. The goals of Nike can be remedially accomplished by legitimate check and parity of organization’s piece of the pie, benefit, deals, spending plan and ceaseless examination of all divisions of organization so advertising arrangement could executed and could meet with targets.

Additionally, through legitimate setting of achievements, spending plan and division choice to take a shot at destinations of advertising correspondence, channels and research then the showcasing plan would be executed in opportune premise and with less mistakes.

Contingency Plan

If all the set standards and controlling procedures wouldn’t meet with marketing plan execution then alternative plan would be there to set the marketing plan, the alternative plan include the Backhouse resources in terms of extra budget plan, remedy for new designs and communication ways, redefine or redesign marketing plan and strategies.

Conclusion & Recommendations

It is seen from market and company’s investigation that Nike can possibly execute its goals and can offer new items and grow its offer so by looking to Nike’s general methodologies and targets the accompanying focuses are prescribed:

  • It ought to expand its item go as giving high impact exercise or parkour items
  • It should build its showcasing correspondence ways for example utilizing of internet-based life
  • It can have cooperation with Apple for consolidating innovation as far as gamepads including soccer, Golf and so forth.
  • It may have legitimate administration in controlling the work issues.
  • It may incorporate online video instructional courses for competitors’ superstars and as to build its item attention to them
  • Nike could have merger and procurement with different organizations to extend its business and to actualize its Global development methodology of 2015 to accomplish practical, long haul development over its worldwide arrangement of business.


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