Bullying as Social Issue

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Amongst one of the major issues in our local society that we face today is Bullying. The majority of the people do not consider this theme as an urgent topic, however, we have seen some serious and real consequences due to bullying that has shocked many people. I completely believe that people should take another look into this and tolerate it more seriously when they are undergoing something like bullying. What important aspects of bullying should people be more familiar with in order to fulfill my goal? First,what is bullying? , where does bullying result from? , how do you prevent them from happening?, and lastly what are the consequences of bullying? These are the questions.

The understanding of bullying can be very transparent to many people since there are numerous types of it, cyber bullying, prejudicial bullying , physical bullying and bullying through sexual assault. The superficial view of bullying is physical, other types have been equally evil and cruel. Depending on the outcome, physical bullying has been proven to be the most painful aspect of it.

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Cyber bullying is considered when one threatens, harass or embarrass a certain target by using internet, cellphones and other technology, due to many young kids and teenagers staying in complete contact with social media, they tend to be the ones involved in cyberbullying most of the time. Many people decide to bully people through social media because it gives you complete anonymity and it is often hard to get caught, this is a true fact because in a world full of technology and text messages, even the non technological people can easily write anything disrespectful or offensive and immediately forward it to you.

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Second of all physical bullying is defined as when there is contact against another individual striking the body that causes harm and makes them one feel scared. This is the most known aspect of bullying types that is being debated on these days, since it is the easy target to recognize and the acts are pretty damn clear and obvious. The offender usually shows to tend to be aggressive when they cannot control their emotions and are immature. This type of act can help form a bullying habit to the offenders which can be a negative aspect of their future. To add on, there is prejudicial bullying, this type is considered when one has prejudices against religions, race, etc. This can happen involving numerous types of bullying, one intervenes with another’s different point of view from other people and leaving them out just because they are not of the ordinary to them. This includes sexist and racist jokes. Lastly there is sexual bullying or sexual assault, this is considered to be the worst form of bullying and it is very important that people find a cure to this tragedy. Sexual bullying consists of humiliating and touching them with sexual gestures and illicit acts. This can lead to sexual assault which is then at some point considered sexual harassment or rape. Sexual bullying includes physically touching one’s body, commenting about one’s looks and sexual propositioning.

Why is bullying a thing? This is a very controversial question among young people since there are excessive reasons that allow bullying to occur. For this reason it’s really hard to prevent bullying because of the absence of information of where it originated. Despite this, Australian Researchers have discovered that there are some distinguishable facts that the victims of bullying have in common. When one feels disconnected from school, change in personality, low self-esteem, and displays strong vulnerability. Often these characteristics of a person can somehow be annoying and unacceptable.

Not only are there characteristic that apply to the people who get bullied but also there consists some pretty crucial aspects of the offenders also. Having excessive amount of self-esteem, lack of ability to control their feelings and emotions, and having a silver tongue which they use to get them out of trouble. Bullies and victims usually experience insufficient amount of time with their parents, lacking self-control as a result. When these characteristics add up between the bully and the victim, it is most likely that an unpleasant event such as bullying will occur.

People usually tend to regret their actions after bullying has occurred and usually think of the past and fix their mistakes. However, as bullying has occurred it will remain as a psychological problem and fatal scar on the victims mind. Therefore psychologists have found a variety of techniques to prevent this act from happening.

The most effective way to prevent this from happening is where the teachers and administrators are observant and aware, this simply means that the administrators and teachers take the matter seriously even though it might look like a minor situation.

Teachers must make the students aware that telling about this type of subject is not tattling, and that is perfectly fine to tell his/her guardians. The students also must be able to try to stop or record the situation that he is in so that it allows a valid investigation.

The school administration and school board must strongly educate the students with the information that bullying is absolutely not acceptable in or out of school and that there are thorough consequences. This may seem to be ineffective in some way, however, some studies show that when one listens to and thinks about a quote or statement, it helps them break it down in their head. Another method to stop bullying from happening is to avoid loneliness a lot. This is the students job, why this is important is vague. Bullying often tends to happen due to power and strength, the fact that one is alone can indicate that this person is lonely and has no power. Evidently, the students might think that it is permitted to bully them. In my opinion, the most important stance to take against bullying is that everyone should use their mouths to spread it all and keep no secret, if there’s a known bully, they should be immediately notified to the administrations. The victims on the other hand should always seek the help they need and the help that is provided to them, to prevent anything of further danger to happen in the future.

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