Implementation of Bronfenbrenner's Theory About Child Development

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Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system’s theory looks at how a child’s development is influenced by her environment. He recognizes a complex layer of environment with each influencing the development of the child. Among these, he identifies the child’s own biological makeup as the basic environment that stimulates her environment. The development of the child is steered and fueled by the interaction of numerous factors within the child’s maturing biology (Addison, 1992).

Such factors includes her immediate environment, community and societal landscape.

Any analysis of an individual’s development process must take into account his immediate and larger environment. With this regard, I will attempt to use this theory to analyze the development process of Mr. Snipes, a child’s right activist. In the interview, he disclosed his childhood and adulthood, the challenges he has faced, how he came to take up his career, the worst moments of his life and the best moment of his life.

Snipes is a fifty year old father of two grown up children.

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His childhood was characterized by constant fear mostly emanating from the family. His father was abusive, constantly yelling at them and punishing them minor offenses. He recalls an instance on his twelfth birthday when he went out to play with the other children in the neighborhood and in the process got hurt. He returned home bleeding and found his dad watching the latest news about the Cuban crisis in the living room.

Because he feared his father, he attempted to sneak upstairs but fortunately or unfortunately, he was seen by his father who angrily called him.

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He asked him if he had been playing with the rogue kids in the neighborhood, a question he did not answer. His father removed his belt and beat him continuously despite the fact that he was already hurt. His mother came to his rescue and addressed his wounds. This is just one of the bad moments he has had with his father. He came to develop hatred for his father.

He has never heard from his father since he joined high school. Snipe’s immediate environment, with this respect, the microsystem was influenced negatively by the actions of his father. As such, he deviated from the normal development, an aspect that may have influenced his passion for fighting for the rights of children. The connection between him and his environment, expressed as the mesosystem, was also influenced negatively by his father. As such, he did not develop good relationships with older male adults. He feared his teacher.

In the broader context of the society, Snipes was fearful of what was going around him as their were threats of nuclear aggression on his country. He could pray silently alone for him not to die, something that affected his later spirituality. As such, there are positive ways in which the exosystem influenced him. He believed it was his duty to go to school, learn and become a worthwhile citizen, something that he actually achieved. In other words, he was integrated into the macrosystem, the outermost layer of a child’s development.

As a child, Snipes always wished that he could be grown so that he could run away from home. When he reached college, he actually decided not to go back home. According to Bronfenbrenner’s theory, the chronosystem is the recounts of time that normally plays a large role in the development of the child he tends to fix his plans within the framework of time. Snipes desired to run away from his abusive father when he grows and he actually grew and left home to begin a new life in a new environment.

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Implementation of Bronfenbrenner's Theory About Child Development
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