Bram Stoker's Horror "Dracula"

Categories: Horror

In chapter one Jonathon Harker is traveling through Buda Pesth which is the capital of modern day. Hungry on his way to Transylvania he decided to do research on the country and he is going to do business with a noble man from Transylvania. The place he’s going to is castle dracula. After A long train ride he decides to stay at a hotel for the night. He asks the hotel owner about count dracula, but the hotel owner and his wife just cross themselves and refuse to answer.

As harker is leaving the innkeeper’s wife cries over him and begs him to take a crucifix with him to ward away evil. The crucifix is foreshadowing and is a symbol. The innkeeper’s wife tells Jonathon about the eve of St. George’s day and that at midnight all evil things will have power. This is why she gave Jonathon the crucifix to ward away all evil.

The other passengers on the coach kept talking about and although he can’t understand what their saying.

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He looks up a few of the words that were being repeated were words like ‘devil’ ‘hell’ and ‘vampire’. As they leave town a crowd of villagers appear around the coach and cross themselves. They also make signs with their hands to ward off the evil eye. They travel through the country side and into the carpathians mountains. Finally they reach the burgo pass where Harker was supposed to meet a private coach and driver to take him the rest of the way to castle dracula.

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The private coach shows up and Harker thinks that the drivers eyes looked red in the lamplight.

At this point it’s almost midnight and he hears wolves howling. The horses pulling the couch starts to get nervous and it begins to snow as they keep going. Off to the side of the road they both notice a flickering blue flame. The driver makes a pile of rocks to mark the place. To harker it looks like he can see blue fire through the drivers body. Wolves kept surrounding the coach, but the driver miraculously drives them off and finally they reach the castle.

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Bram Stoker's Horror "Dracula"

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