Brainwashing, or hijacking - Mockingjay Reflection

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Brainwashing, or hijacking, is the most significant scientific ethical issue in Suzanne Collin’s Mockingjay. The primary character, Peeta, is persuaded by the Capitol after he is abducted from a mishap in the 75 appetite video games. The Rebellion saved him at some point after that and when he saw and tried to strangle Katniss they understood something was incorrect. The Rebels discovered that the Capitol had been utilizing genetically engineered animals, tracker jackers, to poison Peeta and control his mind to make him hate and attempt to kill Katniss.

The Capitol utilized the toxin to modify Peeta’s memories involving Katniss and turn him against the woman he has been in love with his whole life. The Rebellion took action and began trying to hijack him back utilizing a comparable technique. Peeta never ever went back to the way he utilized to be exactly for a long period of time, the brainwashing had lasting effects on him. In the end both sides of the war used a type of brainwashing to get Peeta to act the way they desired.

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Brainwashing has been tried numerous times in experiments by lots of firms consisting of the CIA based on different drugs and techniques.

The tests were never extremely successful however as science advances there is a possibility that brainwashing could become a reality. Mockingjay portrays that the brainwashing was done by changing the memories of the affected. It was based with a genetically crafted poison that acted as a hallucinogen which enabled the capitol to tamper with the memories that the client was remembering.

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This approach made the persuaded person act exactly as intended since their memory was altered. Using a similar method governments might utilize this is a wide variety of methods, good and bad.

The ethics involved with the practice of brainwashing would be really difficult to justify, entirely changing the way a person thinks and acts isn’t ethical. The essence behind brainwashing is harmless enough, it can be as basic as getting everyone to concur with you all the time. Perhaps even making everyone think you achieved a feat nobody thought was possible. More seriously, it might even make people entirely turn their back on a lifelong friend. Brainwashing is safe up until it gets taken out of control ith a bad intention behind it.

For example, controlling a president to run their country into the ground and create civil war could be considered unethical. I think that because of how uncontrollable the human race is, working on a way to brainwash people is undoubtedly unethical. There is some usefulness to the practice of brainwashing but it would be almost impossible to not let it get into the wrong hands. It could be used to get information out of spies and would force security to be tighter.

It would also be useful to rehabilitate convicted felons to help them get their life back on track. Also, it could help addicts to help get over their addiction and move on in life. I think the topic of weather to use it or not would be a big debate in countries. Brainwashing can be helpful but also harmful to those involved and the question of the ethics of it is up for debate, but personally I think it is an unethical practice because of how uncontrollable humans can be.

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