Reflection Paper On Human Resource Management

In the last five weeks, I have learned many aspects of a Human Resource management. In our text, it explains that the human resource manager is the managing of human skills and Talents to make sure they are used properly and in alignment with a company’s goals (Youssef, 2012). Even if the4re is not a human resource department, the human resources activities are still throughout a company. They are responsible for handling legal issues, like hiring and firing, compensations, training, demoting and promoting people.

(Youssef, 2012).

My best friend works in the News Herald, and they have a human resource management, Plus a line management, this helps bring human assets into the company, this way the Employees can perform the duties and the responsibilities that will keep the company running more smoothly, and st6ill be competitive against other companies. However, in their employment, they contribute to defining, and shaping ethic culture in the company, and the behaviors of all the executives’ managers, and the employees.

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(Youssef, 2012). The company provides support and any advice that contains to the vague and obscure ethical areas, where it may be a problem for employees and other department’s manager, to be able to decide if an issue can be safety understood right or wrong.

In the human resource department, planning plays a very important role. The process of the human resource planning, the upper management decides a company’s overall goals and objectives and basically how the company will make this happen over a certain time.

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This is a ongoing process in which the companies are consist growing and answering to the internal and external forces. (e-how, 2012). The human resources strategic planning consists of four steps, the mission determination, the strategy setting, the environmental assessment, and the objective setting. (Youssef, 2012). In order to track the measure of success in the time lines, all these objectives should be recorded in writing. The objectives should also, provide a challenge, and not be untrainable at the start.

In the human resource planning process, facilitates the achievements of the organization’s and in addition, by understanding one’s situation in the market. It is a very important process to evaluate the human resources that are planning on staying with a company for a certain period and to make sure that they will do what it takes to ensure that the goals and purposes are accomplished with the company. (Youssef, 2012). In addition, to help the human resource planning, estimating and forecasting the workforce needs during the time will help the company reaches the achievement of its goals. An example would be working in a clinic office, and within that clinic it goes through many transitions of hiring and training, which this process is effected quite often.

In the functions of an organization the human resource manager plans, directs, and coordinates the administrative, and the interviewing, and the hiring of new staff members, in addition, it is over the recruiting and works with the main executives on the strategic planning, and is also the link between the company’s management and the employees. I will agree with the article in e-how stating, “every manger is a human resource manager”, due to the fact if there was no human resource manager; a company would not be able to operate properly. (E- How, 2012). There are several duties of the human resource manager, these duties are conducting job analyses, the recruitment planning the personal needs, the managing of the wages, and salaries, providing benefits, appraising performances, they also have to do the orientation and training (e-how, 2012).

As we have learned, the role of a human resource manager is responsible for just about all areas within a company. They are the ones that make’s sure that all is running smoothly between management and the employee’s. I feel like if you are working for a company, that they should reward them, by showing the employee’s just how much their work is appreciated, by doing this, it would build up the employee’s motivation. And by focusing on the employee’s satisfaction, it would raise the retention rate (Youssef, 2012).

Abowd and Milkovich, and Hannon, 1990, feel that the relations of the human resource decisions and the organizational performance is a central issue in the study of managerial decision-making. The organizational performance are the employees behaviors and the attitudes (Abowd, J.M, Milkovich, G.T., & Hannon, J.M., 1990). I think employees should have the skills and ability to perform their job at a proper level. If the employee’s do not like the way their employer’s treat them; they will probably not go union. But for the perspective advantages, an employee might join the union.

When it comes to safety and health, and working with machinery, you have to keep in mind these two items. According to Youssef, accidents hurt the United States economy with the most job related injuries, occupational illnesses, and deaths are reported every year (Youssef, 2012). I think that when working for a company, the company should always have a plan or training in the work area, to avoid any health or safety accidents. Thinks that could be done for instance, make sure the employees personalities go with their job duties, conducting on the job safety programs, and rewarding employees with incentives and making sure the employees have a handbook that explains all the safety regulations policies(Youssef, 2012).

In the last five weeks, I have learned all about the recruitment in a company. In finding The right candidate for the job, recruitment is the key role. In the recruiting process there are Several ways to go about this, advertising the jobs that are available, the screening is next, Resumes, forms, interview appointments, tests, are what a recruiter uses. Based on how well a potential employee does on his/her screening tests will be considered (Youssef, 2012). Most affected by current and future trends,
is the recruitment methods. In the 90’s, internet gained a global foot-hold when recruiting took a new turn- around from the way jobs were listed on boards, and looking through your local newspapers.

Now, since there is the online network, this has since changed on how job seekers and employee find each other. In the United States, there is over 50% of new hires that comes from the online application websites. The process of online recruiting, this is the primary way to recruit future employee’s(Youssef,2012). There is some advantages that employees has been given on the online recruiting, than the established methods of recruiting. Online recruiting advantages are that it is cost effectiveness, the ability to access to a larger group of potential employees, the know-how to find the right target audience, the ability to access the technology skills to the applicants that needs them, and be able to a fast turn- around time on each end, and also, the ease of access and portability.

Not to long ago, you had to have personal references, back then it was a big part of the hiring, and now getting a job on the internet is easy, especially when it comes to who you know, and who knows you. To keep up with the trends, employers use the social media of some kind to attract candiates, the use of the social media helps a organization grow and become competitive advantage in their company. It is also, used by employers to get information from a potential employees personal network profiles to see if the future employee has all the strengths needed for the job. It is also, used to make sure that he/she is a good fit for the job by understanding the potential employees interest, hobbies, and motivations. The sharing ofthis information is shared two ways, the potential employee will be able to get information about the employer, and the employer can get to know about the potential employee on their own social media network.

The selection in a company is very valuable, because there is people in the company you are around working with that needs your knowledge and personality. I feel like a employee in a company should be qualified in their job. According to Youssef, employee selection is successful if the employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities are closely matched with the characteristics of the jobs they are assigned to fill (Youssef, 2012). Whereas, employees who are successful in tier position, is the best candiates to help indentify the most significant KSA requirements for their job (Youssef, 2012).

When it comes to orientation, there are different forms for employees to help better understand the culture and familiarize them with what the job requires, this way they can effectively perform their duties. Development involves the attention to current and future job requirements that are hard to evaluate and access (Youssef, 2012).

A way to get the right candidate to a organization is by the benefits. Benefits is very important, because employees take the benefits into consideration when they decide if they want to work or not for the employer, and it helps the employee to think about when to retire. When a employee has other job offers, benefits are compared between the other job to see which one has the best benefits. Employer’s gain the advantage of competitive, when they can strategically design the benefit programs to attract the types of talent they hope to find.

A big range of benefits should be offered in an organization, that would cater to the needs of diverse groups of employees, or each employee can put together a benefit package, that fits their needs. With new employees and exsisting employees the benefits and pay are very important. One main reason most people seek employment is the compensation received. Compensation provides the means of sustenance, and gives the employee the satisfy their materialistic and recreational needs, it also, helps their ego and or their self-esteem needs. There is two factors in the attraction, motivation and the retention of talent is benefits and pay. The key to a successful benefit package and pay, it’s to power to motivate employees consistenly exhibit attitudes and behaviors that are aligned with the organizations goals, strategies, and culture(Youssef, 2012).

I feel like since the economy is not good, that the attraction, motivation’s goals strategies, and culture is to the pay, pay is the primary motivation. In today’s world, we need money to make it, and you cannot make it if you are not getting paid. However, the theory that increases and decreases motivation and satisfaction in an employee is the Hezbergs two factor theory. This theory that decrease mothivation are probably likely to extrinsic factors are referred to by hygiene factors. In other words increase motivation factors are likely to be intrinsic, likely he nature of the work, the opportunities in career advancement, the feelings of achievement (E-How, 2012).

In conclusion, I have learned in the past five weeks about all the areas of a human resource manager, like handling the different issues. How the different roles in areas hold the golden key. And that listing jobs, then screening the potential candidate for a job. We learned just how the social media plays a major role in a company, the social media allows others to get information from your personal profile, and it helps to determined, whether or not you fit a job. Through the course we learned the primary way to recruit potential employees. I am going to take all this information with me to help me, become a good candidate for a company.


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