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BlackBerry Company Essay


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BlackBerry is a line of Smartphones developed by the Canadian company called “Research In Motion” (RIM). They integrate mobile email service and typical applications like: address book, calendar, task list, memo pad etc., as well as telephone capabilities on newer models. It is primarily known for its QWERTY keyboard, and for its ability to send and receive e-mails from the same network, making it easier for businesses to communicate constantly with not restraints. The first BlackBerry was released in 1995 in Canada.

The best known BlackBerry was released in 2002, which supported push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, Internet faxing, web browsing, and other wireless information services. Currently, the most widely sold is the Blackberry Bold 9700. BlackBerry devices are currently very popular in the commercial market in Latin America. The strategy that Blackberry used was to incorporate to their phones a BlackBerry Messenger that is an instant messaging application exclusively for them. The BBM allows users to chat with their Blackberry contacts and also can create groups among family, friends, or colleagues to share files, photos, music, messages.

Thanks to the connected applications, BBM users can share everything you have on your Smartphone. The BBM provides an opportunity to communicate instantly and can see clearly that the recipient of your message was received, read, and when they are answering. It works via a PIN code and can be customized with a profile picture, add a sentence, or even show the users music.

The success of BlackBerry was for the following reasons:
An innovative product with an accessible price
Partnerships with brands (BBVA, DIRECTV)
Ethical business
Blackberry was successful by being an innovative product for many applications that integrates the cell phone. Because of these unusual features, consumers had the opportunity to buy the product with many payment options.

BBVA say: “Security is a must. We are a bank and the BlackBerry solution is very safe.” Benefits
The BlackBerry® solution has integrated BBVA’s workflows and processes resulting in a 25% reduction in time taken to complete these activities The high level of security has enabled BBVA to justify the mobilization of its processes BlackBerry® smartphones have been integrated into every aspect of BBVA’s employees working lives, helping them to manage tasks and duties while working remotely

“With the DIRECTV Móvil application, we have more ways for our customers to communicate with us, which means happier customers and it gives us the opportunity to drive our sales.” Benefits:
DIRECTV created a custom application called DIRECTV™ Móvil, designed to offer subscribers in Argentina access to DIRECTV services from their smartphones and tablets, including BlackBerry smartphones – with operating system 5.0 and above – and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. The latest release of DIRECTV Móvil also runs on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, allowing users to record their favorite TV shows even when away from home, browse through movies and view trailers.

BlackBerry has programs which present several opportunities to support communities through fundraising drives and volunteering. BlackBerry donated to 294 organizations around the world.

Laying Off employees due to financial problems of the company New Competition
Bad Application of marketing
The Canadian company “Research In Motion” (RIM), will eliminate 2,000 employees worldwide, which is more than 10% of total workers, to cut costs. RIM has suffered a loss in the market due to competition from Apple and Google’s Android system. Between February and May this year, the BlackBerry market share fell by 24.7% as opposed to Android and iPhone which grew by 5% and 27%.

The primary competitors of the BlackBerry are the Android and the Apple iPhone. For a number of years, the BlackBerry was the leading Smartphone in many markets, particularly the United States. The arrival of the Apple iPhone and the Google’s Android platform, caused a slowdown in BlackBerry growth and a decline in sales in some markets, most notably the United States. This has led to negative media and analyst sentiment over the company’s ability to continue as an independent company. BlackBerry has managed to maintain significant positions in many markets, strengthened by a large user base, cost effective phones and plans, and a growing smartphone market globally.

Blackberry 10 is the solution to RIM’s declining market share, turning the company around to once again become a player of significance in the smartphone market.

The main characteristics of the BlackBerry 10:
You can access everything by means of a swipe.
It enables the smooth transitioning between apps, without having to leave an app entirely. BlackBerry Hub displays all of your communication (mails, messages, tweets, linked-in updates, and so on). When you’re in an app, you can access all of the options of that app by moving your hand top to bottom, again starting outside of the screen.

They should also consider partnering with other companies
Make a better marketing of the new products
Motivate employees to internal customer loyalty
Enter to the market with a new name and with a better product

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