Big Mac vs Whopper: Fast Food Battle

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It should come as no surprise that Americans continue to thrive off of the fast food restaurant industry. For some time now, McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King’s Whopper have been in direct competition to attract the fast food burger consumer. It has long been debated on which of these popular burgers are best, while each possess some similarities, they both offer big differences. Both the Big Mac and Whopper are served on a fresh sesame seed bun and both offer all beef patties as the protein source of the sandwich.

Each burger is served with lettuce, pickle and onions. It should be noted that each burger can be ordered without either of the garnishments. Both of the popular burgers offer high calories with the Big Mac at 540 calories and the Whopper at 670 calories. If the Whopper is ordered without mayonnaise and cheese is not added it will reduce the caloric intake to the 540 calories which is the same as the competitor.

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There are contrasting differences in the two burgers with the most notable difference being how the beef patties are prepared. McDonald’s prepares the Big Mac patties on a grill with grease while the Whopper is a pound flame broiled burger. The Big Mac also offers a third piece of bun in between the two all beef patties and a special sauce much like a thousand island dressing. The Whopper typically is prepared with ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Cheese must be ordered extra for the Whopper.

Another difference in the two burgers is the onions on the Big Mac are of the dehydrated variety while the Whopper offers fresh sliced onions.

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Sliced tomatoes are also offered with the Whopper. It is evident why both of these burgers are highly popular amongst their fans. Although each offers some similarities, both have many differences that make the taste appealing to those who buy them. The Big Mac and Whopper will continue to lead the way in the fast food industry for top burgers of choice.

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