Education is one of the great essay topics that are interesting for the youth because it is directly related to their life. However, this theme is so broad that it becomes complicated to select the best idea for your title. If you haven’t decided yet on the most suitable education essay topics, you can read the following variants which are chosen by professional writers. Also, we have gathered some prompts for argumentative essay topics which will help you understand what you can write about.

Theme selection is a significant step in writing because it determines how exciting the content of your paper will be for the readers. You should consider various criteria before making the decision: how topical the theme is, its relation to student’s life, how well-researched it is, and many others. However, you won’t need to spend so much time on this because we have already made it for you. Examine 20 educations topics for essays and begin your paper at once.

  1. Cyberschool vs. Conventional schools. Here you may compare positive and negative sides of each type and state your opinion. You may raise the question of using robots instead of real teachers in cyberschools.
  2. The role of scholarships. What are the differences of requirements for getting a scholarship in the USA and Europe? Should pupils get a scholarship only for high academic performance or sports achievements, too? Try to make up your ideal program of providing grants.
  3. Testing system – is it a successful means of evaluating student’s level of knowledge?
  4. Studying abroad – should the government encourage students to get diplomas in their country?
  5. Division of pupils by their academic performance.
  6. Traditional Vs. Innovative teaching methods.
  7. The friendship between teachers and students.
  8. The question of homework – can teenagers cope with a huge workload of assignments?
  9. Should the youngsters work while studying or should they devote time only to one activity?
  10. How to motivate contemporary teenagers who don’t attend universities regularly?
  11. Teenagers and libraries – do electronic books prevail?
  12. Imagine that you can use a magic wand which can make any changes in the educating system. What would you choose? What issues you would like to raise?
  13. Are theory and practice taught equally in the universities? Should there be any changes?
  14. Should electronic books and laptops replace notebooks and ordinary books?
  15. Are there any drawbacks of the contemporary Bologna process in the European countries?
  16. How do you see the higher education within 50 years?
  17. What is the role of organizations such as National Honor Society? Should there be more similar organizations?
  18. Inequality between students who are from rich and low-income families.
  19. Single-sex colleges or universities.
  20. Prejudicial treatment to African-Americans. How to overcome racism in universities?
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