Benvolio Mask for Romeo and Juliet Play

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For my Benvolio mask, I selected the color blue for commitment, the dove’s wing for being a peacemaker, and the monocle to represent wisdom. In public, when Benvolio goes into the scene, he sees males with raised swords so he told them to “put up your swords” (1,1,76). Tybalt then gets in and informs Benvolio to draw his sword but Benvolio tells Tybalt that he need to “part these guys with me” (1,1,82). This shows that Benvolio desires no violence but rather peace.

Since a dove’s wing suggests peacefulness, sincerity, and faith, I selected the dove’s wing because Benvolio has all these characteristics. After the battle, Romeo is seen grieving about his purged heart and informs Benvolio bye-bye, however Benvolio tells Romeo that he will “go along”(1,1,196) and if Romeo leaves him, then he will “do [him] incorrect”(1,1,197). Real relationship and commitment was exhibited in this scene which is represented by the color blue on the mask.

I put blue as the background of the mask because it’s meaning is loyalty and Benvolio shows this by tagging along with his friends and trying to soothe them and communicate with them.

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When the Capulets arrive into the public place, Mercutio calls Tybalt out to fight him , but when Benvolio sees the danger point, he tells the men to “withdraw unto some private place, and reason coldly of your grievances, or else depart. ” (3,1,50).

When no men heed Benvoilio’s warning, Mercutio is killed and Romeo looks for revenge and he achieves it with a fallen pale Tybalt.

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Benvolio tells Romeo to “be gone”(3,1,134), and to “stand not amazed” (3,1,134) since the “prince will doom thee death”(3,1,136) and “if thou art taken: hence, be gone, away! ”(3,1,137). This shows how wise and aware Benvolio is. A monocle represents this because when one wears a monocle they have the urge to think deeper.

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