The Benefits of Beauty Pageants: Beyond the Stereotypes

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In contemporary society, beauty pageants often carry a negative connotation, fueled in part by sensationalized television shows like "Toddlers & Tiaras." These programs tend to highlight the worst moments, perpetuating stereotypes and serving the profit motives of television producers. However, it is essential to look beyond this illusionary portrayal and gain a deeper understanding of what beauty pageants truly entail.

Misconceptions and Opposition to Beauty Pageants

Opponents of beauty pageants raise various arguments against them. Some feminists argue that these competitions degrade and objectify women, reducing them to mere physical attributes and beauty.

Parents, too, express concerns, believing that allowing their daughters to participate in pageants fosters an unhealthy obsession with external appearance. Critics argue that such pursuits lead to a shallow focus on looks as the sole determinant of success in life.

It is crucial to address these misconceptions. Contrary to popular belief, beauty pageants offer significant benefits to participants. They provide a safe and engaging extracurricular activity, equip contestants with valuable life skills, and have a positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence.

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A Safe Extracurricular Activity

For many parents, ensuring the safety and well-being of their children is a top priority. In an era of modern technology and increasing independence, it can be challenging for parents to know their child's whereabouts at all times. This uncertainty can lead to concerns about potential risks and dangers.

Beauty pageants offer a structured and supervised extracurricular activity. Participants typically have a parent or guardian accompanying them during preparations and competitions. This arrangement not only ensures the safety of the child but also provides an opportunity for bonding between parent and child.

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Activities such as shopping for pageant attire, choreographing routines, practicing poise, hairstyling, and makeup application create moments for quality bonding. Pageants also categorize contestants by age, allowing them to interact and build friendships with their peers. Backstage, contestants share stories, engage in girl talk, and form connections that extend beyond the competition.

Lalan Maliakal highlights the friendships forged in the pageant world, emphasizing that contestants often become close friends, even if they do not secure top placements in the competition ("Child Beauty Pageants – Pros and Cons"). Moreover, pageant systems maintain a strict policy against illegal drug use and alcohol consumption, safeguarding contestants from dangerous activities that can harm their future prospects.

Preparation for the Future

Participating in beauty pageants can have a significant impact on a contestant's future. Many renowned pageant systems offer cash prizes and scholarships to winners and finalists. These financial rewards can be instrumental in covering the ever-increasing costs of higher education. Scholarship organizations prioritize winners with qualities such as poise, talent, intelligence, and elegance.

Even girls who may not excel academically can find opportunities to support their college dreams through pageantry. Some pageants also offer job opportunities, providing contestants with valuable work experience that can be included on their resumes as they pursue their future careers.

Additionally, beauty pageants impart essential life skills to contestants. Judges seek individuals who possess strong communication skills, good character, the ability to perform under pressure, and the capacity to serve as effective public relations representatives for the pageant system. Contestants learn to handle disappointment and develop resilience. They set goals and strive to achieve them, demonstrating qualities that employers value in the workforce.

Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence

One of the most notable benefits of beauty pageants is their impact on the self-esteem and confidence of contestants. Confidence is a crucial attribute for anyone, and pageants foster it both on and off the stage. The mere act of competing in a pageant requires contestants to exude confidence as they present themselves to judges and the audience.

Repeated participation in pageants leads to increased self-confidence. Sabrina Nooruddin, a former Miss USA Petite and former Miss India Georgia, attests to the transformative power of pageants on young women's self-confidence. She observes that pageants help participants become more confident in interviews and when addressing large audiences ("Not Irony: Beauty Pageants Make Strong Women").

Furthermore, pageants enable girls to develop their personal style and appearance, boosting their confidence while staying true to themselves. Winning recognition as a beauty queen further enhances their self-assurance.

These competitions also provide a platform for contestants to voice their opinions and support causes they are passionate about. Many girls use their position in pageantry to raise awareness about issues like bullying and body image. They become advocates for important causes, promoting female empowerment and encouraging young girls to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

In reality, beauty pageants are not solely focused on external appearance. Judges seek contestants who are unique, articulate, diplomatic, polite, respectful, friendly, intelligent, talented, and well-rounded. Character plays a central role in determining the winners, emphasizing the importance of inner qualities over physical attributes.


Beauty pageants, often misunderstood and criticized, offer numerous benefits to contestants. They provide a safe and structured extracurricular activity, promote preparation for the future through scholarships and life skills, and boost self-esteem and confidence. Contrary to misconceptions, these competitions prioritize qualities beyond physical appearance, valuing character, intelligence, and talent.

The negative stereotypes surrounding beauty pageants should not overshadow the positive impact they have on the lives of countless young women. It is essential to recognize and celebrate the benefits they bring, from fostering parent-child bonding to empowering girls to become confident advocates for important social issues.

In conclusion, beauty pageants should be viewed as a valuable and enriching experience for those who choose to participate. They embody the spirit of empowerment, personal growth, and self-expression, offering contestants opportunities to shine both on and off the stage.

The words of Galatians 5: 22-23 resonate in this context: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things, there is no law" (NIV). Beauty pageants, with their positive effects on contestants' lives, stand as a testament to these timeless virtues.

Updated: Jan 17, 2024
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