Balancing Routine Work and Contributing to Projects in the Workplace

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Routine work is daily work that you undertake in order to carry out your job role sufficiently; it would usually consist of repetitive tasks and responsibilities. Taking part in a project is something that you would do on the side; whilst still maintaining your specific job role. Projects usually span over a long time-scale and would likely involve hitting certain targets by set deadlines. The tasks that you would undertake would normally be bespoke and separate from what you would usually do on a day to day basis.

Understand how to contribute to a project

When contributing to a project, it’s important that you report your progress regularly to those also involved in the project. This will enable others to understand how far along you are with a certain task you have been assigned to do. In addition, this encourages good working practices, as it will encourage others to also give regular updates of their own progress. Thus enabling all involved to fully understand what stage the project is at and whether they are on course to complete the project by its deadline completion date.

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If an unexpected event does occur during a project, seeking advice from others involved is a good way to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Doing so will give you a broader range of opinions and thoughts, enabling you to make a calculated and informed decision; based on the views that have been expressed from others. In addition, this will also strengthen the communication skills of the group, thus increasing productivity within the team.

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When contributing towards running a project, it’s important that you keep a record off all activity relating to the project. Doing so will allow you to clearly identify if you are on course to complete certain tasks by their completion deadline. It will also allow you to provide accurate reports, outlining any outcomes from the work in which you are undertaken, In addition, you will be able to provide clear and precise updates to all stakeholders and work colleagues.

There are various different methods you can use to communicate with those involved or affected by the project:-

Email – Using emails to communicate with those involved in the project is quick and efficient, as you can send the email to everyone relaying the same message. This will also give others the chance to ask any questions they might have easily.

Meetings – You can arrange meetings with everyone involved, discussing progress to date and any setbacks that may have occurred. This will also give everyone the chance to provide an update relating to their specific tasks they have been assigned to complete. Meetings should be arranged regularly to identify whether the project is achieving its purpose and aims. In addition holding regular meetings may increase motivation within the team.

Verbally/Direct – You can also communicate verbally direct to a colleague or stakeholder, this is useful if you are seeking clarification or answers relating to a specific task they have been assigned to complete.

When a project has been completed and evaluated, it’s important that you learn from any mistakes made and identify ways to improve performance in future projects. Although you may have drawn these improvements from participating in a project, they can be linked directly to improve your own performance when undergoing your everyday job role and responsibilities. When evaluating the success of any work you complete, it’s important to identify the positives as well as the negatives, as this will allow you to continue doing the things that were effective in achieving outcomes in the future.

Updated: Apr 26, 2023
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