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Being a full time working father of one, I have the responsibility of taking caring of my mother, wife and son. However this doesn’t hinder me to continue my studies, though it has some difficulties on adjusting the life in between my studies and family life. The hardest part for me in balancing my studies, work and family demands is just how to set up the time so everything is balanced out. I guess that we all must have to make personal sacrifices in order to be successful and have a fulfilling life.

With proper planning however the balance between work, family, and collage studies is possible to obtain. Everyday I must make choices on how I will manage my time so I can keep the balance of my studies, work, and family demands. Maintaining the balance between everything is an everyday process. This is where the real task of balance takes place. While attending the Penn foster online courses and sitting time back for my studies, I also have a family to take care of, which requires most of my time.

I also have  a full time job that requires me to work on the grave yard shift.

Despite the fact that each of the responsibilities need more time on their own I have to set specific times up in a daily planner and discuss these set of specific times with my family and friends so that they can help me keep the balance between work, family demands, and my collage studies.

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I know that people struggle everyday to balance their studies, work, and family demands. However, I also believe that each person must come up with their own way of balancing things out in their life, so they are happy and successful.

Keeping the balance between work, family demands, and college can be a very difficult process to do, but with the support from family and friends it can be done. Generally speaking, nothing is in possible in this world. Many people think that once they have their own family they ignore their studies and focus on their work. This is all because they think they will not get enough time to concentrate on their studies while looking after their work and family. I was also of such kind of people for long time until I got the advice from friends and families and got the courage to continue my studies.

The difficulties of adjusting time cannot be denied however, managing ones time will solve all the difficulties. The idea of online studies has also contributed a lot in encouraging many working people who have family as well to continue their studies at their convenience time and place. Besides, going through the difficulties of attending your studies while taking care of your family and work is also worth as it will lead you to a better and successful life in the future.

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