Ideal Work-Life Balance: High Salary and Convenient Location

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Currently, I am working in an organization which pays me high salary and office is also situated at a walking distance which enables me to have lunch with my wife every day. Now, I have got a job offer which was once my dream but the pay-scale is lower than my current salary and also 20kms away from my house.


The information needed which will enable me to take my decision will be the know-how about the working environment of the new company, the chances of salary raise, and about the allowances I will get in my new job.



The main barrier in making my decision is the low pay-scale than my current salary package which would hinder me to switch to my new job. Moreover, travelling expense would be another burden on my pocket and I couldn't have lunch with my wife which would make her upset. Furthermore, it would be challenging to travel 20kms daily and facing jammed traffic.

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Another barrier is my savings and lifestyle would impact greatly if I switch to new job.


The alternative solution is if I will wait for a better offer. Another alternative is sending my bank statements as a proof to the new boss that currently my organization is paying more than what you have offered so that he increases my pay-scale. Another alternative is if I move to a place closer to my new office to cut down travelling expense.


I am a family oriented as well as career oriented man.

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I will not make this decision by my own and without my wife's consent since I cannot hurt her feelings. I am not materialistic and value my aspirations, thus I will try to convince my wife for the new job.


My decision would be to accept the newly offered job and move to a new place closer to my new office so that the quality time which I and my wife spend may not get affected and to save time and money on travelling. My decision will affect my finances, budget and savings but I would be satisfied with my job which itself will be a bonus for my mental peace.


I will tell my ex-boss that I have received a job letter from another organization which is my dream designation. Though they are offering me less salary but I would enjoy my work. I am certain that he will accept my resignation without execrating on my decision.

Convincing wife wouldn't be difficult as my wife is my best friend and understands me well. I will convince her by promising that we will move to a new house closer to my office so that it won't affect our lunch timings. She will question on the low pay-scale but for the sake of my happiness she would allow me to join the new organization.

Risks and Consequences

The risk associated in switching to the new job is it will greatly impact my financials and I may face financial crisis as I and my wife are used to of living a luxurious life. I might have fights with my wife as I will not be able to purchase branded possessions for my wife which might affect our relationship.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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