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Autobiographical Writing - My Holiday

Categories: HoliSandwichWriting

My holiday this year was very exciting. I was woken by my parents really early, at about 6 in the morning, and I helped to pack the car. I nearly forgot my swimming costume, but luckily my mum reminded me so I ran back inside and up to my room to get it.

We had packed lots of food for the journey. I was in charge of making sandwiches. Making sure I was careful with the knife, I sliced the bread, buttered it and grated some cheese for the filling.

I put salad cream inside my ones and mayonnaise inside my brother’s and my parents ones. I also washed a tomato and then chopped it up to put inside the sandiwches. They were all wrapped in cling film and we put them in a cool box so that they would not get heated up in the hot car.

We put some music on but after a while my brother fell asleep so mum said it would be kinder if we turned it off.

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I played on my game boy and watched the other cars on the motorway. Sometimes I waved at lorry drivers, and some of them waved back.

When we reached the service station I felt really sick from the travelling so we had to stop longer than mum and dad wanted to. They bought me a magazine to cheer me up, but I just wanted my stomach to feel normal again. I took a sick pill and sucked on a boiled sweet, and we continued the journey.

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By the time we arrived at the hotel it was the middle of the afternoon. A plump and elderly lady greeted us a reception and showed us to our room. The hotel was quite small and was a bit dirty on the outside, but inside there was a lift and even a games room. It had table tennis, snooker, pool, gym machines and a television set. I decided that I would spend a lot of time in there. I wish there had been a pinball machine though, because I really like playing on those, and in arcades.

There was an outside pool which they said was warm, but when I dipped my toe in, it was freezing! We went later on though, on a sunnier day, and once I was in it was really nice. The day we arrived they had not yet cleaned it or something, because there were a lot of dead insects and leaves floating around.

The garden was really pretty, with bushes cut into the shapes of animals, and lots of brightly coloured flowers that smelt really nice.

There was a washing line for our clothes and a barbecue that the lady said anyone could use.

We asked for daily newspapers then went up to see our room. The bathroom was tiny. It only had a shower and had no bath, but there was a little light and one of those special sockets for razors so that you don’t electrocute yourself.

I shared a room with my brother, which I wasn’t very happy about, but he wanted to stay up and talk because it was the first night.

I wanted to go out in the evenings, so I went with my dad to the town nearby. We passed a lot of newsagents and take away shops and eventually we found a tourist information centre. We booked tickets to see a comedy show, a musical and some foreign dancers. Then we took my kite down to the beach because it was a really windy day.

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