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Australia vs United States of America

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (378 words)
Categories: America, Australia, State, Veterans
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This essay is comparing the similarities and differences of the low health care card in Australia and Medicaid benefits within the u. s. of America. we’ll observe the roles and responsibilities of the federal and government in regard to the chosen topic, the finance, and the way this subject empowers individual health.

The low-income health care card gives low income earners access to cheaper prescription medicines, and various concessions from government and personal organisations.

Everyone with the low-income health care card is entitled to cheaper medicines under the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, cheaper energy and electricity bills, health care costs, conveyance, educational fees and water rates. Individuals and communities feel safer and more confident knowing that there are options like Medicare and Medicaid to assist them get in times of need. Empowerment is that the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. so, knowing that there are benefits which will be provided to them helps them be more on top of things of their lives, and knowing that they need a right to assert this, helps them feel a way of empowerment.

The World Health Organization describes a decent health system in concert that delivers quality services to any or all people, when and where they have them’ (WHO 2018). The Australian Government, state and territory governments and native governments share responsibility for it, including for its operation, management and funding. The Australian Government is liable for leading the event of national health policy, administering Medicare, providing funds to states and territories for public hospital services, funding medicines through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, regulating private insurance, organising health services for veterans and funding health and medical research.

State and territory governments are liable for funding and managing public hospitals, regulating and licensing private hospitals, providing oversight of local health networks, delivering public community-based and first health services, delivering preventive services like cancer screening and immunisation programs, ambulance services and health complaints services. Local governments, in some jurisdictions, are liable for environmental health-related services like waste disposal and water fluoridation, community and home-based health and support services and delivery of health promotion activities. Medicaid within the USA provides health coverage to low-income adults/children, pregnant women, seniors and other people with disabilities.

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